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December 1, 2009

Gaelic Tugboat Moves Heavy Items at Detroit
Marathon11-19-09pcl.jpg (66071 bytes)
Compare the size of the crewman aboard the barge.
MarathonA11-19-09pcl.jpg (89953 bytes)
BBC Australia unloading heavy items to Gaelic's Barge.
MarathonB11-19-09pcl.jpg (97922 bytes)
Gaelic tug Patricia Hoey holding the barge steady while loading.
MarathonC11-23-09pcl.jpg (101283 bytes)
 Tug Patricia Hoey and barge upbound the Rouge River.
MarathonD11-24-09pcl.jpg (76058 bytes)
Unloading the average 83 ton items at Marathon on Rouge River.

Welland Canal Sunday  - John McCreery
1-SCL-Bern-11-29-09-jm.jpg (97200 bytes)
SCL Bern downbound above Lock 7
2-SCL-Bern-11-29-09-jm.jpg (78342 bytes)
Stern View
3-Algosoo-11-29-09-jm.jpg (68657 bytes)
Algosoo at the Glendale bridge
4-English-River-11-29-09-jm.jpg (109054 bytes)
English River approaching lock 3
5-Federal-Oshima-11-29-09-j.jpg (76803 bytes)
Evening approach to Lock 1 of the Federal Oshima bound for Cleveland

Welland Canal November 24 - James A. Hannah tow - Barry Andersen
1-johnspence-11-24-09-ba.jpg (53968 bytes)
John Spence towing Hannah units into L3 Welland Canal
2-hannah5101-11-24-09-ba.jpg (52656 bytes)
barge Hannah 5101 entering L3 with James A.Hannah in the notch
3-jamesahannah-11-24-09-ba.jpg (85685 bytes)
JamesA.Hannah taken from viewing stand departing L3
4-lacmanitoba-11-24-09-ba.jpg (80154 bytes)
tug Lac Manitoba on stern for steerage and stopping  
5-springbreezeI-11-25-09-ba.jpg (53059 bytes)
Saltie Spring Breeze I upbound below L2 Welland Canal
6-bbcaustralia-11-28-09-ba.jpg (58885 bytes)
BC Australia downbound clear of L7

Seaway South shore canal - Kent Malo
Oceanbertrandjeansonne11-30.jpg (84873 bytes)
Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne, and Duga  down bound in the South shore canal after returning from Port Weller Ontario
OBertr-Jeansonne11-30-09-km.jpg (65067 bytes)
Ocean Bertrand Jeansonne heading for her base at Quebec City.
Duga11-30-09-km.jpg (75459 bytes)
Duga to Trois Rivieres, Quebec

Hamilton, Ont. Monday - John van der Doe
JERRY-G..jpg (82584 bytes) LA-PRAIRIE.jpg (117339 bytes) SEAHOUND.jpg (103304 bytes) WYATT-M..jpg (82779 bytes) ECOSSE.jpg (65627 bytes)
CANADIAN-LEADER.jpg (75856 bytes) PlaqueHMCS-HAIDA.jpg (188342 bytes) HMCS-HAIDA-2.jpg (71417 bytes) HMCS-HAIDA.jpg (86947 bytes) JAMES-A.-HANNAH.jpg (102389 bytes)

Detroit, St. Clair and Goderich - Erich Zuschlag
cndent-28-11-09ez.jpg (80617 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise under the bridge
cndentb-28-11-09ez.jpg (70537 bytes)
cndentc-28-11-09ez.jpg (77223 bytes)
Stern view downbound
mckee-30-11-09ez.jpg (73441 bytes)
McKee Sons upbound Courtright
michgl-30-11-09ez.jpg (65318 bytes)
Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes at the Shell dock
quebgod-30-11-09ez.jpg (90554 bytes)
Quebecois loading in Goderich
quebgodb-30-11-09ez.jpg (97210 bytes)
Quebecois taking grain
quebgodc-30-11-09ez.jpg (109596 bytes)
Stern shot from Stifo salt dock
quebgodd-30-11-09ez.jpg (78323 bytes)
Quebecois and tug Dover
rebec-30-11-09ez.jpg (61152 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn and barge A-410 upbound at Sombra

Goderich Ontario - Quebecois loading grain - Bruce Douglas
100_3798---1000pixels.jpg (175513 bytes)        

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