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December 2, 2009

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-Algosoo-12-1-09-bv.jpg (89371 bytes)
Algosoo under the ship loader
2-Algosoo-12-1-09-bv.jpg (76751 bytes)
Algosoo heading to Hamilton
3-Mississagi-12-1-09-bv.jpg (96352 bytes)
Mississagi heading in to Midwest Stone Dock
4-Mississagi-12-1-09-bv.jpg (74452 bytes)
Bow view
5-BristolBay-12-1-09-bv.jpg (81899 bytes)
Bristol Bay with buoy tender CGB-12001 on the Maumee River
6-CSLNiagara-12-1-09-bv.jpg (94864 bytes)
CSL Niagara backing under the ship loader, loading for Bowmanville, ON

American Republic was at Cleveland Bulk Terminal Tuesday - Bill Kloss
1-AmRepClvSkyline-12-01-09-.jpg (61661 bytes)
American Republic and Cleveland skyline
2-AmRepatLoader-12-01-09-bk.jpg (96796 bytes)
At the loader

Fleetmates in Escanaba - Rod Burdick
1_jlbws_11_28_09_rb.jpg (74212 bytes)
Block and Sykes at the CN ore dock
2_jlbws_11_28_09_rb.jpg (62373 bytes)
View across Little Bay de Noc

Stoneport, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-01.jpg (80737 bytes)
Wide view of Munson & Lee Tregurtha at Stoneport
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-02.jpg (66967 bytes)
 Tregurtha at anchor with tug Ohio passing by
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-03.jpg (58506 bytes)
John G. Munson loading
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-04.jpg (64485 bytes)
Ready to depart
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-05.jpg (58139 bytes)
Stern/bow view
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-06.jpg (51531 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha approaching the dock
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-07.jpg (44384 bytes)
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-08.jpg (59929 bytes)
Alongside the dock
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-09.jpg (70490 bytes)
loader coming down
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-10.jpg (70334 bytes)
MunLee-BCM-12-1-09-11.jpg (80671 bytes)        
Pelee Islander entering Kingsville Ont. harbor, past a scow at work dredging the entrance - Steve Phillips
IMG_0371.jpg (13762 bytes) IMG_0373.jpg (45826 bytes) IMG_0374.jpg (46617 bytes) IMG_0375.jpg (42650 bytes)  

Whaleback at the Soo
whalebacksoo.jpg (86866 bytes)
If you can make out the name or give an idea of the year please post to the search page.

Inside the Straits of Mackinaw when she was in Kewaunee (what was left of her) before it was sunk as a dive attraction -  Walt Randolph
MVC-016F.jpg (45038 bytes) MVC-015F.jpg (59650 bytes) MVC-006F.jpg (55875 bytes) MVC-005F.jpg (50450 bytes) MVC-004F.jpg (51633 bytes)
MVC-008F.jpg (62460 bytes) MVC-009F.jpg (59708 bytes) MVC-010F.jpg (53790 bytes) MVC-012F.jpg (57181 bytes) MVC-013F.jpg (56966 bytes)
MVC-014F.jpg (45119 bytes) MVC-017F.jpg (44194 bytes) MVC-018F.jpg (45273 bytes)    

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