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December 4, 2009

Salties Welland Canal and Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Julietta-12-2-09-jm.jpg (103663 bytes)
Julietta upbound at Ramey's Bend
2-Julietta-12-2-09-jm.jpg (88989 bytes)
Stern view
3-ZCieszynska-AtErie-12-2-0.jpg (81464 bytes)
Ziemia Cieszynska meeting the Atlantic Erie above lock 7
4-Ziemia-Cieszynska-12-2-09.jpg (90236 bytes)
The Cieszynska approaching lock 7
5-Ziemia-Cieszynska-12-2-09.jpg (90322 bytes)
Another view
6-Ziemia-Cieszynska-12-2-09.jpg (74108 bytes)
Stern shot
7-Ziemia-Cieszynska-12-2-09.jpg (80075 bytes)
In lock 7
8-FederalMatane-12-2-09-jm.jpg (164698 bytes)
Federal Matane at Hamilton
9-Julietta-12-2-09-jm.jpg (88212 bytes)
Julietta at Port Robinson
10-Julietta-12-2-09-jm.jpg (85495 bytes)

Cardinal before refloating Assiniboine -  Marq Doyon & Normand Daneau
OceanHercule11-16-09-nd-2.jpg (106292 bytes)
Ocean Hercule alongside the CSL Assiniboine
OceanHercule11-16-09-nd.jpg (167350 bytes)
Ocean Hercule on her initial arrival, approaching the stranded CSL Assiniboine
Cardinal11-16-09-nd-1.jpg (100106 bytes)
Ocean Hercule pushing at the stern
CanadianNavigator11-16-09-n.jpg (75506 bytes)
Canadian Navigator in the channel in front of the CSL Assiniboine
Tug-Salvor11-17-09-nd.jpg (87184 bytes)
Tug salvor and barge alongside the CSL Assiniboine
Cardinal11-16-09-nd-2.jpg (117854 bytes)        

Vasasaborg in Menominee - Rod Burdick
1_men_11_28_09_rb.jpg (111972 bytes)
Scenic view

Cleveland - Bill  Kloss
1-Calumet-12-03-09-bk.jpg (77603 bytes)
Calumet at Ontario Stone
2-SamDeChamp-12-03-09-bk.jpg (99871 bytes)
G.L. Ostrander and Integrity at LaFarge

Ship ID - Soo Harbor - Don Geske
Canada-Steamship-dg.jpg (71218 bytes)
Please post ID to Search page

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