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December 7, 2009

Duluth traffic for the weekend - Travis Chadwick 
1-speer-12-6-09-tc.jpg (191177 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer departing with a load of taconite on Saturday.
2-speer-12-6-09-tc.jpg (60479 bytes)
Outbound Edgar B. Speer passing the inbound American Integrity.
3-integrity12-6-09tc.jpg (86460 bytes)
Bow shot of the American Integrity showing a thin layer of ice build-up.
4-integrity12-6-09tc.jpg (153547 bytes)
Stern view.
5-cornelius12-6-09tc.jpg (105650 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius departing Duluth with grain.
1-gltrader-12-6-09tc.jpg (103007 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader unloading stone at the Cutler Stone dock in Superior.

Buffalo Friday - Brian W.
1-Herbert-C-Jackson-12-4-09.jpg (61160 bytes)
ADM Standard Elevator on the Buffalo River with the Herbert C Jackson unloading.
2-Herbert-C-Jackson-12-4-09.jpg (75460 bytes)
Jackson's stern and the old Marine Leg towers that once unloaded straight deckers.
3-Herbert-C-Jackson-12-4-09.jpg (75775 bytes)
From South St. showing the unloading operation underway at the Standard.
4-NYSP-dock-12-4-09-BW.jpg (112292 bytes)
Construction taking place at the New York State Power Authority dock on the Buffalo River to ready the property for the storage of the Niagara River Ice Boom next year.
5NYSPdock12-4-09BW.jpg (89860 bytes)
Steel sheet piling in place where a Marine Railway will be built to allow the NYSPA tugs and icebreakers to be hauled out of the water for service on the dock.
6OuterHarbor12-04-09BW.jpg (52535 bytes)
Outer Harbor is seen with huge waves driven by heavy winds coming down the lake breaking over the Seawall.

Salties in the Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-Annalisa-12-4-09-jm.jpg (120802 bytes)
Annalisa departing lock 2
2-Annalisa-12-4-09-jm.jpg (97586 bytes)
Stern view in lock 2
3-Vlistborg-12-4-09-jm.jpg (77830 bytes)
Vlistborg approaching lock 8 upbound at Port Colborne  
4-Vlistborg-12-4-09-jm.jpg (71138 bytes)
 Stern view entering lock 8
5-Cooper-Manitoba-12-4-09-j.jpg (105168 bytes)
J W Cooper and Lac Manitoba
6-LacManitoba-12-4-09-jm.jpg (172700 bytes)
Nadro tug Lac Manitoba
7-Saguenay-12-4-09-jm.jpg (113867 bytes)
Saguenay moving into lock 4
8-Saguenay-12-4-09-jm.jpg (93368 bytes)
Saguenay below the twin flights
9-Saguenay-12-4-09-jm.jpg (95707 bytes)
At the Glendale bridge
10-Saguenay-12-4-09-jm.jpg (126265 bytes)
Under the bridge

American Spirit unloading at Cleveland Bulk Terminal Friday - Bill Kloss
AmSpirit-12-04-09-bk.jpg (79210 bytes)        

Charles M. Beeghly at the Upper Harbor ore dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_cmb_12_1_09_rb.jpg (113462 bytes)
View from the lakeshore

Marquette, Mich - Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR12042009_0001.jpg (117949 bytes)
Lee A  Tregurtha unloading stone at the upper harbor Friday.
CNLocomotivesLR120409.jpg (116554 bytes)
CN Locomotives bringing ore cars to the dock.

Historic Perspective - Chris Simons
1-ValleyCamp-hist-CGS.jpg (71333 bytes)
Valley Camp
1-PointeNoire-hist-CGS.jpg (70951 bytes)
 Pointe Noire under tow 

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