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December 8, 2009

Detroit - Mike Nicholls
JANEANNIVPATHOEYb06120709mn.jpg (53476 bytes)
Jane Ann IV towed from the old Rouge River entry to Nicholson's Ecorse by the tug Patricai Hoey.
JANEANNIVPATHOEYs02120709mn.jpg (47928 bytes) KATHYLYNNb11120709mn.jpg (44392 bytes)
Ryba's tug Kathy Lynn off Nicholson's Ecorse.

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
1-cdntransfer-12-04-09-ba.jpg (76662 bytes)
Canadian Transfer
2-flintermaas-12-05-09-ba.jpg (58767 bytes)
3-gcleitch-11-24-09-ba.jpg (56270 bytes)
Gordon C. Leitch
4-isolda-11-26-09-ba.jpg (75444 bytes)
5-athanasiosgc-12-05-09-ba.jpg (65190 bytes)
Athanasios G. Callitsis - Port Weller harbor
6-ojibway-12-01-09-ba.jpg (73164 bytes)
7-saguenay-12-01-09-ba.jpg (74155 bytes)

Calumet passing Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron - Dianne Donati
Calumet-12-7-09-dd.jpg (90625 bytes) Calumet-2-12-7l-09-dd.jpg (82971 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -  Launch of the Silver Isle on Nov. 23, 1962. Scan of original newspaper photograph (Cork Examiner) - Arjan van Mourik
1-Silver-Isle-23-11-63-avm.jpg (58065 bytes) 2-Silver-Isle-23-11-63-avm.jpg (149429 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -  E.C. Carlson photos, Carl Fredericks collection
img401.jpg (62420 bytes)
USS Samuel B. Roberts leaving Duluth. South American in background (?).
img405.jpg (63897 bytes)
Unknown boat being cut up for scrap.
img412.jpg (60937 bytes)
 Saltie Athelfoam, date unknown.
img416.jpg (77755 bytes)
Saltie Kinkasan Maru and tugs Vermont and North Dakota at Duluth, May 1963
img420.jpg (54579 bytes)
Simon J. Murphy, date unknown.
img454.jpg (59342 bytes)
Israeli saltie Nurith at Duluth, September 1962.
img409.jpg (86547 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives - Chris Simons
1-MedusaCh-10-78-CGS.jpg (96304 bytes)
 Medusa Challenger Oct. '78
2-Avondale-hist-CGS.jpg (143209 bytes)
3-Manchester-hist-CGS.jpg (73618 bytes)
Manchester Rapido
4-JudyMoran-08-79-CGS.jpg (74668 bytes)
Tug Judy Moran Aug. '79
5-Cadillac-hist-CGS.jpg (54462 bytes)
Cleveland-Cliffs Cadillac
1-Redwing-1969-CGS.jpg (60107 bytes)
2-EJNewberry-hist-CGS.jpg (81453 bytes)
E.J. Newberry
3-WmALydon-06-78-CGS.jpg (73378 bytes)
Tug Wm. A Lydon
4-TexacoWarrior-5-79-CGS.jpg (55701 bytes)
Texaco Warrior
5-Bay-1969-CGS.jpg (52110 bytes)
Shelter Bay   

Historical Perspectives -  from the Rich Weiss collection
WmHDonner-rw.jpg (38199 bytes)
William H. Donner under tow, date, location and photographer unknown.
munson-11-28-51-rw.jpg (72992 bytes)
John G. Munson just prior to launch on November 28, 1951.

Historical Perspectives - Paterson Launch, the last boat built at Collingwood  - Trevor Walker
Patersonlaunch11.jpg (90936 bytes) Patersonlaunch1.jpg (86299 bytes) Patersonlaunch3.jpg (123723 bytes) Patersonlaunch4.jpg (114071 bytes)  

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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