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December 14 - 15, 2009

Stoneport, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
MckFrtc-BCM-12-14-09-01.jpg (76944 bytes)
McKee Sons loading at Stoneport
MckFrtc-BCM-12-14-09-02.jpg (87537 bytes) MckFrtc-BCM-12-14-09-03.jpg (53308 bytes)
Frontenac at anchor
MckFrtc-BCM-12-14-09-04.jpg (75356 bytes)
Tug Invincible
MckFrtc-BCM-12-14-09-05.jpg (66074 bytes)
View with waves coming in
MckFrtc-BCM-12-14-09-06.jpg (108956 bytes)
Another view of Frontenac

CSL Laurentien downbound Monday at the Soo with Christmas decorations - Herm Klein
1-CSLaur-12-14-09-HK.jpg (78983 bytes) 2-Laudeer-12-14-09-HK.jpg (48430 bytes)
Deer on icy bow
3-LauBear-12-14-09-HK.jpg (57480 bytes)
Polar bear on unloading boom
4-LauStk-12-14-09-HK.jpg (55210 bytes)
Lights on stacks and rails

Fairport and Ashtabula Saturday -
Dave Scali
JAMESNORRIS12-12-09FAIRPORT1.jpg (38756 bytes)
James Norris backing in to Fairport Harbor (after being at on the hook off Huron, Ohio)
JAMESNORRIS12-12-09FAIRPORT2.jpg (26320 bytes) JAMESNORRIS12-12-09FAIRPORT3.jpg (129500 bytes) JAMESNORRIS12-12-09FAIRPORT4.jpg (55618 bytes) JAMESKUBER12-12-09.jpg (50835 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber unloading at Ashtabula.

Port Huron Sunday -
Galen Witham and Hunter Maxon
1-hcj-12-13-09.jpg (88217 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, upbound light, just completing her turn near the Huron Light Ship.
3-hcj-12-13-09.jpg (150708 bytes)
Jackson, Under the bridge, heading towards the lake.
4-hcj-12-13-09.jpg (93729 bytes)
Approaching Buoys 1 and 2, getting ready to make the turn, and head into the lake.
5-ih-12-13-09.jpg (96796 bytes)
Indiana Harbor, downbound above the Bluewater Bridges.
6-ih-12-13-09.jpg (101283 bytes)
Indiana Harbor, commences her turn near the Huron Lightship, enroute to Zug Island, with a load of Taconite.
7-kuber-12-13-09.jpg (108580 bytes)
James Kuber, with the Tug Victory, Upbound.
8-kuber-12-13-09.jpg (100130 bytes)
The Kuber, with the Victory pushing, head out into a cold lake, with a darkening sky.
9-mar-vel-ann-12-13-09.jpg (103970 bytes)
Fishing Tug Mar-Vel-Ann downbound to the government dock in Sarnia.
10-gott-12-13-09.jpg (60974 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott, upbound light for the lake, makes her turn near the Huron Lightship.
12--gott-12-13-09.jpg (100255 bytes)

Detroit River -
Galen Witham
1-bristol-bay-12-01-09.jpg (99765 bytes)
A recent view of the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay, preparing for the winter retrieval of Navigation Aids, in the lower Great Lakes.
2-brustol-bay-12-01-09.jpg (115298 bytes)
Another view of the Bristol Bay, at its home base at Sector Detroit.
3-american-mar-12-09.jpg (95179 bytes)
American Mariner, anchored in the Detroit River Anchorage, near Belle Isle.

Calumet Scrapping at Port Colborne -
Stephen Brule
1-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (81301 bytes)
Interior detail shots from what's left of the Calumet's Pilot House.
2-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (93094 bytes) 3-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (143824 bytes) 4-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (143493 bytes) 5-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (89337 bytes)
6-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (99577 bytes) 7-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (128372 bytes) 8-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (111931 bytes) 9-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (160549 bytes)
10-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (136686 bytes)
11-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (200958 bytes) 12-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (115108 bytes) 13-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (103668 bytes) 14-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (159594 bytes) 15-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (89251 bytes)
16-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (122787 bytes)
 Life boat from the Calumet
17-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (88017 bytes) 18-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (125466 bytes) 19-Calumet-9_11_09_SB.jpg (155143 bytes)
A Stockpile of port holes salvaged from the Calumet.
1-Griffon-9_11_09-SB.jpg (69257 bytes)
 Griffon Docked in Port Colborne in the Early morning.
2-Griffon-9_11_09-SB.jpg (77377 bytes)      

istorical perspectives - E.C. Carlson photos, Carl Fredericks collection
Mackinaw-7-1-62-ec.jpg (74657 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw in Duluth, July 1962.
Mesquite-0-0-00-ec.jpg (64488 bytes)
USCG Mesquite in Duluth, date unknown.
Southwind-4-74-ec.jpg (98398 bytes)
USCG Southwind in Duluth, April 1974.  This icebreaker had an interesting history with WWII duties, service in the Soviet Union, and many voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Menominee, Mich. Saturday -
 Dick Lund
1-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (48216 bytes)
The Vlistborg approaches Menominee North Pier Lighthouse on a cold Dec. 12 morning
2-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (52011 bytes)
Turning into the inner harbor
3-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (58473 bytes)
Backing back down the Menominee River after an aborted attempt to turn the ship around (ice)
4-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (85996 bytes)
Turning in toward the KK Integrated Logistics East Dock
5-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (74380 bytes)
Working their way through the ice between the ship and dock
6-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (60566 bytes)
They backed all the way to the stern of the iced-up carferry, Viking I east of the dock
7-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (69360 bytes)
Loading late in the afternoon
8-Vlst-12-12-09-dl.jpg (77967 bytes)
Stern dockside view

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR12122009_0001.jpg (100689 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha
SaginawLR12122009_0001.jpg (73387 bytes)
PathfinderLR12132009_0004.jpg (118989 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder
MichipicotenLR12132009_0001.jpg (81707 bytes)

Upper Harbor in Marquette after the first big snow of the season - Rod Burdick
1_jrb_12_11_09_rb.jpg (132849 bytes)
View from the lakeshore of James R. Barker unloading coal

Soo Sunday - Herm Klein
1-CSLNia-12-13-09--HK.jpg (105481 bytes)
CSL Niagara
2-CanOly-12-13-09-HK.jpg (95145 bytes)
Canadian Olympic
3-CGlen-12-13-09-HK.jpg (103235 bytes)
4-LeeA-12-13-09-HK.jpg (96348 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-victorious-13-12-09-rb.jpg (66239 bytes)
Asphalt barge John J. Carrick coming down the St. Lawrence at Mariatown.
2-victorious-13-12-09-rb.jpg (62912 bytes)
Tug Victorious.

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