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December 16, 2009

Vessels at Duluth on Monday and Tuesday - Travis Chadwick
1-bbcitaly-12-15-09-tc.jpg (68783 bytes)
BBC Italy unloading wind turbine parts at port terminal.
2-calumet-12-15-09-tc.jpg (95703 bytes)
Calumet coming through the ice on her way to DMIR/CN for taconite.
3-calumet-12-15-09-tc.jpg (63945 bytes)
4-jackson-12-15-09-tc.jpg (50632 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson inbound on a below zero day.
5-jackson-12-15-09-tc.jpg (57213 bytes)
Close-up of bow.
6-jackson-12-15-09-tc.jpg (64991 bytes)
Another view.

James L. Kuber arrives for winter lay-up - Dick Lund
1-KKIL-12-15-09-dl.jpg (67132 bytes)
Wide view of the (L to R) KK Docks - James L. Kuber rafted to Lewis J. Kuber, Vlistborg and Viking I
2-KKIL-12-15-09-dl.jpg (64184 bytes)
James L. Kuber rafted outboard alongside Lewis J. Kuber
3-JLK-12-15-09-dl.jpg (68201 bytes)
Close-up of the James L. Kuber
4-VLST-12-15-09-dl.jpg (99262 bytes)
Vlistborg continuing to load pulp
5-OLM_VIC-12-15-09-dl.jpg (70636 bytes)
Olive L. Moore (L) behind the Victory, which is still in the notch of the James L. Kuber

Soo - Herm Klein
1-Man-12-15-09-HK.jpg (90135 bytes)
Manitowoc enters the Mac lock in a snow squall
2-Ojib-12-15-09-HK.jpg (109891 bytes)
Ghost-like Objibway exits the Mac lock
3-RPier-12-15-09-HK.jpg (77816 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson upbound at Mission Point
4-Aint-12-15-09-HK.jpg (95401 bytes)
Icy American Integrity downbound at Mission Point

John J. Boland loading in Marquette Tuesday -  Lee Rowe
JJBolandLR12152009_0002.jpg (103115 bytes)
John J Boland icy bow
JJBolandLR12152009_0005.jpg (109089 bytes)
Wide view

Saginaw at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_sag_12_12_09_rb.jpg (118900 bytes)
Arriving at the ore dock

Toledo Activity - Luke Archer
1-Cuyahoga-12-15-09-la-.jpg (54423 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading at ADM with Christmas lights.

Historical Perspective - Wyandotte I loading Coal at Toledo Lakefront in 1954 - Ron Sutton
Wyandotte.jpg (73538 bytes)
I took the picture when I was Third Assistant Engineer, fresh out of Kings Point.  To me it was like sailing on a Museum.

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