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December 19, 2009

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-algowood-18-12-09-rb.jpg (35592 bytes)
Algowood passes Mariatown in sea smoke
2-birchglen-18-12-09-rb.jpg (63760 bytes)
Birchglen up bound at Mariatown
3-reliance-18-12-09-rb.jpg (55425 bytes)
 Purvis Marine tug Reliance pulls barge PML Ironmaster up the river.
4-reliance-18-12-09-rb.jpg (39695 bytes)
The tow began on the U.S. East Coast.
5-ironmaster-18-12-09-rb.jpg (39518 bytes)
 Jarrett M tails along behind the barge.

Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski
1-Luedtke-12-18-09-BW.jpg (102433 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedke maneuvering alongside some of the dump scows that were being positioned at the Cargil (Saskatchewan) Pool Terminal Elevator Pier on the Outer Harbor.
2-Washington-12-18-09-BW.jpg (77800 bytes)
The G-tug Washington breaking through the ice on the Buffalo River headed upbound.
3-Washington-12-18-09-BW.jpg (87607 bytes)
Washington now abeam of the old Concrete Central Elevator. Vessel traffic in this section of the river only happens a few times a year.
4-Washington-12-18-09-BW.jpg (160543 bytes)
Overall shot of the Washington in the turn, passing the Concrete Central, Buffalo's longest grain elevator, with the Norfolk Southern (Nickle Plate) R.R. drawbridge in the background.
5-Washington-12-18-09-BW.jpg (94830 bytes)
Washington just below CSX's CP-1 Drawbridge with a Westbound stack train crossing the span.
6-Washington-12-18-09-BW.jpg (204215 bytes)
Bridge inspectors can be seen on the pilings & fenders to the left of the bridge as the tug hangs back.
7-Washington-12-18-09-BW.jpg (173821 bytes)
 The inspectors are back on board the tug after photographing the bridge structure and the tug is turning around to head downriver.

Marquette, Mich. - Rod Burdick
1_mqt_12_18_09_rb.jpg (105217 bytes)
Three Interlake vessels at the Upper Harbor ore dock in Marquette. Pathfinder, Lee A. Tregurtha, and Herbert C. Jackson
1_cmbsag_12_12_09_rb.jpg (124423 bytes)
Saginaw loading ore with Charles M. Beeghly at anchor
2_jjb_12_15_09_rb.jpg (101438 bytes)
John J. Boland waiting to load ore

Songa Topaz westbound past Morristown on the American side, and Blockhouse Island, Brockville on the Canadian side Thursday afternoon - Dave Bessant
1-SongaTopaz-12-17-09-WDB.jpg (71828 bytes)
Songa Topaz bow with the watertower of Morristown in the background
2-SongaTopaz-12-17-09-WDB.jpg (83735 bytes)
Songa Topaz approaching Blockhouse Island
3-SongaTopaz-12-17-09-WDB.jpg (65727 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
4-SongaTopaz-12-17-09-WDB.jpg (86157 bytes)
Just past Brockville
5-SongaTopaz-12-17-09-WDB.jpg (63065 bytes)
Songa Topaz stern view
6-SongaTopaz-12-17-09-WDB.jpg (55923 bytes)
Songa Topaz and her wash in the bright sun

Thalassa Desgagnes heading upstream through the Iroquois lock - Dave Bessant
1-ThalassaDesgagnes-12-15-09-WDB.jpg (120436 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes heading west  through the lock
2-ThalassaDesgagnes-12-15-09-WDB.jpg (124767 bytes)
Exiting the lock
3-ThalassaDesgagnes-12-15-09-WDB.jpg (85251 bytes)
Flying the Company flag and the flag of Ontario

St. Lawrence River at sec. 103 Quebec City -  Kent Malo, photos Courtesy Normand Daneau.
Soulanges12-12-09-nd.jpg (123726 bytes)
Tug Soulanges at one end of the Fundy Paradise, both ends look alike
Soulanges12-12-09-mn-b.jpg (184218 bytes)
After end of the Tug Soulanges at Trois Rivieres in the cold looking waters of the mighty St Lawrence
FundyParadise12-12-09-nd.jpg (119460 bytes)
A view of the Fundy Paradise at Trois Riviers Quebec,
FundyParadise12-12-09-nd-b.jpg (125832 bytes)
Dockside view of the Fundy Paradise with tug Duga Forward and Soulanges at the stern M/V Arctic in the background
Duga12-12-09-nd.jpg (118182 bytes)
Tug Duga at one end of the ferry Fundy Paradise towed from Quebec City to Trois Rivieres, the reason for the move from Quebec is unknown at this time.

Missisagi in Kingsville - Erich Zuschlag
misskvillea-17-12-09dz.jpg (88068 bytes)
Out in the bay
misskvillec-17-12-09dz.jpg (90351 bytes)
Morning haze off Kingsville
misskvilleb-17-12-09dz.jpg (47707 bytes)
Getting closer to the dock
miskvillea-17-12-09ez.jpg (144628 bytes)
Swinging the boom out
miskvilleb-17-12-09ez.jpg (33810 bytes)
miskvillec-17-12-09ez.jpg (89493 bytes)
Note the thin layer of ice in the harbor

Historic Perspective - John McCreery
Algosound-11-5-2002-jm.jpg (88735 bytes)
Algosound just outside the Burlington piers on November 5, 2002 with an ore cargo for Dofasco and very near the end of her sailing days.

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