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December 20, 2009

James Norris downbound at Prescott and elevator - N. Vandervoort
DSC_00091.jpg (57115 bytes)
Downbound Prescott
DSC_00191.jpg (147559 bytes)
Starting 180 turn
DSC_00251.jpg (84036 bytes)
Backing downriver
DSC_00261.jpg (61151 bytes)
Approaching elevator Johnstown
DSC_00311.jpg (55946 bytes)
Making the turn
DSC_00351.jpg (80180 bytes)
Entering N. salt dock
DSC_00371.jpg (61761 bytes) DSC_00431.jpg (59664 bytes)    

Marquette Friday and Saturday - Lee Rowe
DAnnPathfinderLR12192009_0003.jpg (83839 bytes)
Pathfinder backed into the dock Saturday
DAnnPathfinderLR12192009_0007.jpg (138099 bytes)
Dorothy Ann
LATregurthaLR12192009_0001.jpg (111037 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha continuing to wait, Pierson visible in the harbor.
RSPiersonLR12192009_0002.jpg (96507 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson in the harbor Saturday.
RSPiersonLR12182009_0002.jpg (89183 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson at the dock Friday.
HJacksonLR12182009_0006.jpg (113348 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, Pierson, Lee A Tregurtha visible through the dock
PathfinderLR12182009_0001.jpg (93864 bytes)
LATregurthaLR12182009_0002.jpg (117767 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha

Welland Canal - Al Howard
Songa-Topaz-12.19.2009-ah-a.jpg (76483 bytes)
Songa Topaz upbound below lock 2
Songa-Topaz-12.19.2009-ah-b.jpg (63531 bytes)
Accommodations and stack
Songa-Topaz-12.19.2009-ah-c.jpg (59643 bytes) Calumet-12.19.2009-ah-a.jpg (66926 bytes)
Calumet enters lock 1 upbound
Calumet-12.19.2009-ah-b.jpg (98185 bytes)
View of stack & bridge    

Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian Wroblewski
1-Luedtke-12-19-09-BW.jpg (43188 bytes)
The #16 dredge rig set up in the Black Rock Canal Entrance Channel in Buffalo Harbor.
2-Luedtke-12-19-09-BW.jpg (40757 bytes)
Tug Kurt R Luedtke bringing an empty dump scow back from the disposal pond as they cross the North Entrance Channel towards the dredger.
3-Luedtke-12-19-09-BW.jpg (31298 bytes)
The tug is now guiding her barge alongside the dredge rig. The Outer Harbor breakwalls, markers, and the Canadian shore can be seen in the background.
4-Luedtke-12-19-09-BW.jpg (54081 bytes)
This is a closer shot of the tug as she maneuvers her scow to make contact with the fenders on the #16 derrick boat.

Tugs Reliance & Jarret M upbound at Iroquois lock with barge Ironmaster - Murray Blancher
1-Tug-Reliance-12-18-09-MB-.jpg (39377 bytes) 2-Tug-Reliance-12-18-09-NB-.jpg (37195 bytes) 3-tug-Jarret-M-12-18-09-MB-.jpg (31479 bytes)    

Ruddy downbound at Maitland Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Ruddy-12-19-09-MB-.jpg (58258 bytes) 2-Ruddy-12-19-09-MB-.jpg (76332 bytes) 3-Ruddy-12-19-09-MB-.jpg (43538 bytes)    

 Alpena - Ben & Chanda
algow-BCM-12-19-01-01.jpg (110838 bytes)
Algoway at the Lafarge dock
algow-BCM-12-19-09-02.jpg (97632 bytes)
Backing out into the bay

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