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December 21, 2009

USCG Cutter Penobscot Bay passing Brockville Sunday afternoon -  Dave Bessant
1-PenobscotBay-12-20-09-WDB.jpg (68921 bytes)
Approaching Blockhouse Island
2-PenobscotBay-12-20-09-WDB.jpg (68373 bytes)
Across from Morristown, N.Y.
3-PenobcotBay-12-20-09-WDB.jpg (79599 bytes)
Close up of the bow
4-PenobscotBay-12-20-09-WDB.jpg (85124 bytes)
Superstructure and those flags
5-PenobscotBay-12-20-09-WDB.jpg (69886 bytes)
Stern view

Duluth vessel traffic for the weekend - Travis Chadwick
1-integrity-12-19-09-tc.jpg (67698 bytes)
American Integrity loading coal at SMET.
2-algolake-12-20-09-tc.jpg (90818 bytes)
Algolake arriving Duluth through the ice to unload at Cutler dock then load at DMIR/CN.
3-algolake-12-20-09-tc.jpg (85576 bytes)
Stern view.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-CTransfer-12-20-09-bv.jpg (98298 bytes)
Canadian Transfer coming in
2-CTransfer-12-20-09-bv.jpg (86982 bytes)
Pilot house
3-CTransfer-12-20-09-bv.jpg (85399 bytes)
Getting a little help from Great Lakes Tug Idaho
4-CTransfer-12-20-09-bv.jpg (90272 bytes)
Heading up river
5-ACentury-12-20-09-bv.jpg (134675 bytes)
American Century unload at the International Dock
6-ACentury-12-20-09-bv.jpg (82209 bytes)
Another view
7-Michipicoten-12-20-09-bv.jpg (93725 bytes)
Michipicoten under the ship loader
8-Michipicoten-12-20-09-bv.jpg (135503 bytes)
Another view
9-Calumet-12-20-09-bv.jpg (84625 bytes)
Calumet coming in
10-Calumet-12-20-09-bv.jpg (90011 bytes)
Aft Housing
11-Calumet-12-20-09-bv.jpg (78568 bytes)
Starting to turn, to back under the ship loader
12-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (90763 bytes)
Coal Cars heading for the thawing shed
13-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (117222 bytes)
another view
14-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (88363 bytes)
Cars in the thawing shed
15-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (124723 bytes)
Cars heading for the pig hole
16-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (107879 bytes)
Pusher man John Key pushing cars over the pig hole
17-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (124818 bytes)
Pusher man view of the mechical pig taking the car up the ramp
18-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (90436 bytes)
Cars going into the Dumper
19-CSX-12-20-09-bv.jpg (68650 bytes)
Cars being dumped

Mapleglen at Port Colborne - Bob Dowson
1.maple-12-20-09-bd.jpg (104189 bytes) 2.maple-12-20-09-bd.jpg (80528 bytes)      

Sunday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-JWShelleyCanadianProgress-12-20-09-bb.jpg (50751 bytes)
J.W. Shelley entering Port Colborne harbour as Canadian Progress begins to unload at old fuel dock.
2-JWShelley-12-20-09-bb.jpg (56811 bytes)
Shelley entering Lock 8
3-AgawaCanyon-12-20-09-bb.jpg (68963 bytes)
Agawa Canyon headed for west wall above Lock 8.  She's headed for Montreal and long-term layup. 
4-RelianceIronmaster-12-20-09-bb.jpg (66524 bytes)
Tug Reliance and barge Ironmaster approaching Lock 8
5-Ironmaster-12-20-09-bb.jpg (58155 bytes)
Ironmaster closeup
6-Vigilant1-12-20-09-bb.jpg (82897 bytes)
Vigilant 1-assisting tow through the Welland Canal
7-Vigilant1Ironmaster-12-20-09-bb.jpg (76947 bytes)
Stern view
8-JamesNorris-12-20-09-bb.jpg (75317 bytes)
James Norris headed toward Lock 3
9-JamesNorrisChristmastree-12-20-09-bb.jpg (55813 bytes)
Norris sporting a Christmas tree on the end of her boom.
10-JamesNorris-12-20-09-b-bb.jpg (76191 bytes)
Stern shot

Seaway at Brockville - Murray Blancher
1-Bluebill-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (85692 bytes)
Bluebill upbound at Brockville, Ont..
2-Bluebill-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (88272 bytes) 3-Bluebill-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (56096 bytes) 4-Bluebill-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (73046 bytes) 5-Oakglen-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (80871 bytes)
Oakglen upbound at Brockville On.
6-Oakglen-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (84461 bytes) 7-Oakglen-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (76280 bytes) 8-Oakglen-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (79270 bytes) 9-Oakglen-12-20-09-MB-.jpg (89270 bytes)
Oakglen upbound at Crossover Island

Ruddy departing Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-ruddy-19-12-09-rb.jpg (75552 bytes) 2-ruddy-19-12-09-rb.jpg (68966 bytes)
Ruddy downbound in the St. Lawrence River

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