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December 22, 2009

Ships at Hamilton and Welland Canal - John McCreery
1-JamesHannah-Leader-12-20-09-jm.jpg (92265 bytes)
Canadian Leader and tugs James A Hannah, Seahound and Wyatt M
2-JamesAHannah-12-20-09-jm.jpg (121119 bytes)
James A Hannah
3-Algocape-12-20-09-jm.jpg (103616 bytes)
Algocape with anchor on the dock
4-JWShelley-12-20-09-jm.jpg (97926 bytes)
J W Shelley downbound toward Lock 6 east
5-JamesNorris-12-20-09-jm.jpg (93600 bytes)
James Norris upbound in ballast on the approach to Lock 2
6-JamesNorris-12-20-09-jm.jpg (103409 bytes)
No hugging the wall on this approach
7-JamesNorris-12-20-09-jm.jpg (69466 bytes)
Entering Lock 2 destination Goderich
8-Algorail-12-20-09-jm.jpg (128927 bytes)
Algorail up in Lock 1
9-Shelley-12-20-09-jm.jpg (104250 bytes)
Shelley beginning to lower in Lock 3
10-Shelley-12-20-09-jm.jpg (77385 bytes)
Departing Lock 3 as the daylight fades

Agawa Canyon passing Brockville and Iroquois Lock - Dave Bessant
1-AgawaCanyon-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (30007 bytes)
Agawa Canyon bound for Montreal, passing Brockville Monday afternoon out of the sunset
3-AgawaCanyon-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (48858 bytes)
Agawa Canyon bow
4-AgawaCanyon-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (57890 bytes)
5-AgawaCanyon-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (47451 bytes)
Passing by Blockhouse Island
6-AgawaCanyon-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (53737 bytes)
Passing Morristown, N.Y.
7-AgawaCanyon-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (60703 bytes)
Agawa Canyon heading to Prescott and beyond
4-AgawaCanyonIr-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (56177 bytes)
Agawa Canyon at the Iroquois Lock, Monday evening
5-AgawaCanyonIr-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (77946 bytes) 8-AgawaCanyonIr-12-21-09-WDB.jpg (52288 bytes)
Goodbye as she exits the Iroquois Lock

Brockville, Ont. - Murray Blancher
1-Mapleglen-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (80716 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound at Brockville
2-Mapleglen-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (87788 bytes) 3-Mapleglen-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (92892 bytes) 4-Agawa-Canyon-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (45669 bytes)
Agawa Canyon downbound at Brockville
5-Agawa-Canyon-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (55926 bytes)
6-Agawa-Canyon-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (75685 bytes) 7-Agawa-Canyon-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (92298 bytes) 9-Agawa-Canyon-12-21-09-MB-.jpg (62561 bytes)    

Algobay Transiting the Panama Canal - Philip Nash
1-Algobay-12-21-09-pn.jpg (101511 bytes)
Algobay in Miraflores Lock in the Panama Canal.
2-Algobay-12-21-09-pn.jpg (40604 bytes)
Close up of the bow.

Port Huron Sunday - Galen Witham
1-huron-belle-12-20-09.jpg (146596 bytes)
Pilot boat Huron Belle returning from the lake, after a pilot exchange on the Greenwing
2-huron-belle-12-20-09.jpg (116068 bytes)
Another view of the Huron Belle, heading for her berth on the Black River.
3-greenwing-12-20-09.jpg (74673 bytes)
Greenwing swings into the river with the fishing tug close on her heels
4-greenwing-12-20-09.jpg (99138 bytes)
A full profile of the Greenwing, with ice down her starboard side.
5-greenwing-12-20-09.jpg (143902 bytes)
A close up of the ice, which the Greenwing picked up on her downbound
6-teresa-marie-12-20-09.jpg (118659 bytes)
The Fishing Tug Teresa Marie, with ice on her pilothouse, heading for the Government Dock in Sarnia.
7-greenwing-12-20-09.jpg (118156 bytes)
Greenwing, downbound, heading towards the Black River.
8-sam-laud-12-20-09.jpg (80639 bytes)
Sam Laud, turning to port, downbound at the Bluewater Bridge.
9-sam-layd-12-20-09.jpg (111801 bytes)
After saluting, A crewmember exited the Pilothouse waved and watch through binoculars.
10-sam-laud-12-20-09.jpg (90247 bytes)
Sam Laud, heading towards the Black River.
11-que-12-20-09.jpg (75328 bytes)
Quebecois, makes her turn under the bridge.
12-que-12-20-09.jpg (130824 bytes) 13-que-12-20-09.jpg (86521 bytes)
As the sunset is upon us, the Quebecois heads downriver, towards Boatnerd World Headquarters.

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_rsp_12_16_09_rb.jpg (94279 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson arriving to load ore
2_hcj_12_17_09_rb.jpg (92899 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, icy bow view

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
RSPiersonLR12212009_0001.jpg (87166 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson at the dock.
RSPiersonLR12212009_0006.jpg (125653 bytes)
Bow view
RSPiersonLR12212009_0011.jpg (119708 bytes)
Snowy departure.
CMBeeghlyLR12100912212009_0004.jpg (123984 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly waiting.

Robinson Bay with barge BPL 6704 near Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-robbiebay-21-12-09-rb.jpg (83521 bytes)
Lifting buoy 89 out of the river
2-robbiebay-21-12-09-rb.jpg (69840 bytes)
Performance comes up to check the position of the winter marker.
3-robbiebay-21-12-09-rb.jpg (58921 bytes)
  Light 89 is stowed on the deck of the barge.
4-robbiebay-21-12-09-rb.jpg (65399 bytes)
They head down to lift out the next light.

Cleveland - Dave Scali
1-IOWA12-19-09ATCLEVELAND.jpg (99889 bytes)
Saturday Sea Eagle II was docking at the St Marys Cement Dock with the help of the tugs Iowa and California.
2-IOWA12-19-09.jpg (79531 bytes) 3-CALIFORNIA12-19-09ATCLEVELAND.jpg (102130 bytes) 4-CALIFORNIABEHINDIOWA12-19-09ATCLEVELAND.jpg (87660 bytes) 5-MAUMEE12-20-09ATCLEVELAND.jpg (65138 bytes)
Maumee with covers on the pilot house windows up by steel mill Saturday.

Goderich Lighthouse Upgraded - Bruce Douglas.
1-Upgraded-12-18-09-bjd.jpg (103061 bytes)
The lighthouse was cosmetically restored this fall and a new sign added as shown.  The original red top is original copper.


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