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December 23 - 24, 2009

Onboard the Yeoman Brook, part of CSL International's fleet - passage from Seven Islands (cargo ironore pellets) to Sparrow's Point Maryland on Dec. 12. - Capt. Velten (Master Yeoman Brook)
YeomanBrookcsl.jpg (97133 bytes)
The Yeoman Brook is a panamax, 77,500 deadweight.
BRO-2009-12-12-At-Sea-(03).jpg (70734 bytes) BRO-2009-12-11-At-Sea-(06).jpg (105939 bytes) BRO-2009-12-11-At-Sea-(09).jpg (95590 bytes) BRO-2009-12-12-At-Sea-(10).jpg (100456 bytes)
BRO-2009-12-12-At-Sea-(12).jpg (134474 bytes) BRO-2009-12-11-At-Sea-(12).jpg (43713 bytes) BRO-2009-12-12-At-Sea-(13).jpg (134228 bytes) BRO-2009-12-12-At-Sea-(14).jpg (88846 bytes) BRO-2009-12-11-At-Sea-(16).jpg (55625 bytes)

Green Bay - Scott Best
1-MIGL-12-23-09-sb.jpg (49111 bytes)
Headed inbound to the Noble dock, tug Indiana astern.
2-MIGL-12-23-09-sb.jpg (64415 bytes)
Indiana comes along side "on the hip" to push them into the dock.
3-MIGL-12-23-09-sb.jpg (72454 bytes)
Just about secure at the dock and ready to unload.

Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
1-Richelieu-12-13-09-MB-.jpg (90855 bytes)
Richelieu down in the Iroquois Lock
2-Richelieu-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (90943 bytes)
Richelieu exiting Iroquois Lock
3-Richelieu-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (49324 bytes)
Richelieu down at Mariatown
4-Algoway-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (76174 bytes)
Algoway wheelhouse on the approach to Iroquois
5-Algoway-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (110562 bytes)
Algoway entering Iroquois Lock
6-Algoway-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (95909 bytes)
Algoway in Iroquois Lock
7-Algoway-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (104229 bytes)
Algoway stern
8-Algoway-12-23-09-MB-.jpg (101840 bytes)
Algoway exiting Iroquois Lock

Port Huron, Mich. - Galen Witham
1-mar-trade-12-23-09.jpg (80210 bytes)
Maritime Trader, makes her turn under the Bluewater Bridge.
2-mar-trade-12-23-09.jpg (135781 bytes) 3-mar-trade-12-23-09.jpg (118179 bytes) 4-path-12-23-09.jpg (97234 bytes)
Pathfinder, with the Tug Dorothy Ann makes her way upbound past Pinegrove Park.
5-path-12-23-09.jpg (120987 bytes)
 A close up of the Christmas tree, on the boom of the Pathfinder.
6-path-12-23-09.jpg (134696 bytes)
A close up of the Tug Dorothy Ann, in the notch.
7-path-12-23-09.jpg (139945 bytes)
Turning to head under the Bluewater Bridge, and out into the Lake Huron Cut.

Agawa Canyon at Kahnwake Dec. 22 - Kent Malo
AgawaCanyon12-22-09-kmc.jpg (124139 bytes)
 Agawa Canyon, not often seen in these parts.
AgawaCanyon12-22-09-km.jpg (137572 bytes) AgawaCanyon12-22-09-km-b.jpg (62895 bytes)
Close up of the wheelhouse

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-emerald-22-12-09-rb.jpg (66148 bytes)
Emerald Star upbound at Mariatown.
2-seanno'd-22-12-09-rb.jpg (60755 bytes)
 Capt. Seann O'Donoughue sends Christmas greetings from the bridge of the Algoisle.
3-algoisle-22-12-09-rb.jpg (39073 bytes)
Algoisle down bound at Mariatown with grain to Port Cartier. She is destined for long term lay up in Montreal harbour.

Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder at the Upper Harbor ore dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_dapath_12_18_09_rb.jpg (101723 bytes)
Scenic view, waiting to load ore
2_dapath_12_20_09_rb.jpg (71176 bytes)
View with Robert S. Pierson shifting to anchor out

Salties Welland Canal December 22 - John McCreery
1-Richelieu-12-22-09-jm.jpg (68555 bytes)
Richelieu approaching lock 1
2-Richelieu-12-22-09-jm.jpg (86404 bytes)
Stern view below lock 2
3-Richelieu-12-22-09-jm.jpg (93006 bytes)
Stern view in lock 1
4-FederalPendant-12-22-09-jm.jpg (92542 bytes)
Federal Pendant departing lock 2
5-Fed-Pendant-12-22-09-jm.jpg (93730 bytes)
6-BBC-Italy-12-22-09-jm.jpg (96551 bytes)
BBC Italy departing lock 2
7-BBC-Italy-12-22-09-jm.jpg (91776 bytes)
 Stern view entering lock 2

Cleveland - Bill Kloss
2-SamLaud-12-21-09-bk.jpg (111585 bytes)
Sam Laud loading at CBT
1-Maumee-12-21-09-bk.jpg (118380 bytes)
Maumee docked at Mittal Steel

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