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December 26, 2009

Brockville, Ont. - Murray Blancher
1-BBC-Italy-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (55474 bytes)
BBC Italy down at Brockville
2-BBC-Italy-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (63278 bytes) 3-BBC-Italy-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (69956 bytes) 4-BBC-Italy-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (71373 bytes) 5-Algorail-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (75758 bytes)
Algorail down at Brockville in a snow squall
6-Algorail-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (56048 bytes) 7-Algorail-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (59719 bytes) 8-Algorail-12-24-09-MB-.jpg (52857 bytes)    

Soo Dec. 24 - Roger Lelievre
Ojibway-122409rl.jpg (52256 bytes)
Ojibway above the locks.
JacksonHC-122409rl.jpg (78446 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at Mission Point.
McKeilEvans-122409rl.jpg (64574 bytes)
Evans McKeil and barge head for shelter at the Canadian Soo.

Detroit and Cleveland - Nicholls
PATHFINDERbb02122309mn.jpg (65384 bytes)
Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann outbound the Rouge River 12/23. Mike Nicholls
PENOBSCOTBAYb02122309rtn.jpg (99505 bytes)
Penobscott Bay at the U.S. Coast Guard Station, Cleveland 12/23. Rich Nicholls

St. Clair River Saturday - Bruce Hurd
100_9368.jpg (60557 bytes)
Algomarine downbound out of Lake Huron
100_9371.jpg (49363 bytes)
Quebecois anchored off Marine City
100_9370.jpg (53898 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly anchored above the Quebecois off Marine City
100_9369.jpg (52219 bytes)
another view of the Quebecois

Buffalo - Wendy Worbrowski
1-Luedtke-12-24-09-WW.jpg (71285 bytes)
The Cargil Pool Elevator is seen with an assortment of workboats including the #16 dredge rig, the tug Kurt R Luedtke, a work barge, and 3 dump scows.
2-Luedtke-12-24-09-WW.jpg (107510 bytes)
Closer shot of the pier showing how they tie down all their equipment.
3-Luedtke-12-24-09-WW.jpg (97163 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedtke Christmas Eve afternoon on the Buffalo Waterfront.

Mississagi in Marquette on Christmas Eve - Rod Burdick
1_miss_12_24_09_rb.jpg (220529 bytes)
Loading ore

Tugboat Hercules decorated for Christmas -  After many years of active duty, she is currently residing at the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club, Dorval, QC. - Heather Deeks
Tugboat-Hercules-3052-wb-p-(1-of-1).jpg (77528 bytes)
Formerly known as “Listerville”

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