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December 28, 2009

American Mariner in the Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (63659 bytes)
On Dec 26 the American Mariner transited the Welland canal in ballast.  Here she is approaching Lock 2.
2-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (74375 bytes)
Getting close to Lock 2.
3-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (72070 bytes)
House flag & courtesy flag.
4-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (117946 bytes)
Alternate transportation on board the American Mariner.
5-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (85310 bytes)
American Mariner in Lock 2 before the gates astern close.
6-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (53730 bytes)
The ship raised in Lock 2.
7-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (48402 bytes)
Upbound on the level toward Lock 3.
8-amermar-12-26-09-pb.jpg (57103 bytes)
Approaching the High Bridge & the Homer bridge.

Soo Sunday - Roger LeLievre
Algosoo-122709-1RL.jpg (35795 bytes)
Algosoo, downbound on a calm Sunday.
Algosoo-122709-21RL.jpg (41981 bytes) Tugs122709-1R.jpg (63518 bytes)
Tugs Anna Marie Altman, Miss Laura, General and Nancy Anne at MCM 
Marsha-R-122709-1RL.jpg (36374 bytes)
Push tug Marsha R out of the water at the Carbide Dock.

Port Huron Sunday - Bruce Hurd
100_9378.jpg (73277 bytes)
CSL Niagara Upbound during a light snow.
100_9383.jpg (75782 bytes) 100_9389.jpg (55980 bytes)
 Algosea docking at the Seaway Terminal in Port Huron
100_9390.jpg (76018 bytes)  

Adam E. Cornelius at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_aec_12_22_09_rb.jpg (97423 bytes)
2_aec_12_22_09_rb.jpg (127473 bytes)
Stern view at the ore dock

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
ManitowocLR12272009_0004.jpg (64463 bytes)
Manitowoc departing.
LATregurthaLR12272009_0004.jpg (88347 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha at anchor.
SaginawLR12272009_0003.jpg (84854 bytes)
Saginaw backing out with the Lee A Tregurtha visible in the harbor and the Mississagi's stern.
SaginawLR12272009_0004.jpg (67364 bytes)

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