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December 29, 2009

Soo - Roger LeLievre
BloughRoger-122809-1rl.jpg (46545 bytes)
Roger Blough above the locks on Monday.
BloughRoger-122809-2rl.jpg (61697 bytes)
Taking on supplies delivered by Ojibway.
BloughRoger-122809-3rl.jpg (68178 bytes)
Passing laid up Yankcanuck in Soo harbor.
BloughRoger-122809-4rl.jpg (68813 bytes) BloughRoger-122809-5rl.jpg (64901 bytes)
Downbound at Mission Point.
BloughRoger-122809-6rl.jpg (52368 bytes) ValleyCamp2.jpg (104477 bytes)
Two wintry views of the Museum Ship Valley Camp
ValleyCamp1-rl.jpg (61164 bytes) FrederickBunyan-122809rl.jpg (96568 bytes)
Tug Owen M. Frederick and gatelifter Paul Bunyan in the Corps of  Engineers basin.

Hamilton Dec. 27 - John McCreery
1-CanTransport-12-27-09-jm.jpg (86003 bytes)
Canadian Transport arriving with coal from Ashtabula
2-CanTransport-12-27-09-jm.jpg (134709 bytes)
Stern view under the bridges
3-CanTransport-12-27-09-jm.jpg (101390 bytes)
Crossing the inner harbor to the Dofasco coal dock
4-Pierson-Algocape-12-27-09-jm.jpg (95535 bytes)
Algocape and recent arrival Robert S Pierson both here for the winter
5-RobtSPierson-12-27-09-jm.jpg (106213 bytes)
Robert S Pierson at pier 11W

Moving the Peter R. Cresswell into Port Weller drydock - Paul Beesley
1-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (83160 bytes)
Vigilant 1 taking position astern of the Cresswell.  CSL Assiniboine in the background.
2-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (109770 bytes)
Vigilant 1 pushing the stern to port to line her up for  the yard.
3-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (58137 bytes)
Ecosse at the bow of the Cresswell before the bow comes off the wall.
4-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (67735 bytes)
Ecosse at the bow of the Cresswell before the bow comes off the wall.
5-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (80071 bytes)
Seahound on the port quarter of the Cresswell.
6-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (77586 bytes)
Cresswell using her bowthruster to assist the manoeuver.
7-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (87129 bytes)
Two of the 3 tugs shown backing the Cresswell into the yard.
8-cress-12-28-09-pb.jpg (76608 bytes)
All 3 tugs working the ship into the drydock.
9-nadro-12-28-09-pb.jpg (126854 bytes)
 The Seahound, Vigilant 1 & Ecosse below Lock 1 on their way to other jobs.

Brockville, Iroquois, Prescott on Dec 24. - Dave Bessant
2-BBCItaly-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (79085 bytes)
BBC Italy sailing past Brockville almost on glass
3-BBCItaly-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (68657 bytes) 4-BBCItaly-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (71927 bytes) 5-Algorail-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (86096 bytes)
6-Algorail-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (68360 bytes)
Algorail passing Brockville
7-CanadianProgress-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (109857 bytes)
Canadian Progress upbound through the Iroquois lock
8-CanadianProgress-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (72786 bytes) 9-CCGC-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (96074 bytes)
Canadian Coastguard vessel at the western end of the Iroquois Lock at work
10-WSeymour-12-24-09-WDB.jpg (50568 bytes)
Tug Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit eastbound past the ice dams at Prescott

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
MississagiLR12282009_0003.jpg (98843 bytes)
SaginawLR12282009_0001.jpg (118081 bytes)
Waves12282009_0006.jpg (63556 bytes)

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