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December 30, 2009

Hamilton December 29 - John McCreery
1-PJMartin-12-29-09-jm.jpg (91667 bytes)
Paul J Martin approaching the Burlington piers
2-PJMartin-12-29-09-jm.jpg (71172 bytes)
Inbound with ore from Nanticoke
3-PJMartin-12-29-09-jm.jpg (122861 bytes)
Must be warm in the engine room
4-JWShelley-12-29-09-jm.jpg (57522 bytes)
J W Shelley off the piers arriving in ballast from Port Cartier
5-JWShelley-12-29-09-jm.jpg (71647 bytes)
Entering the piers
6-JWShelley-12-29-09-jm.jpg (83926 bytes)
Close up
7-JWShelley-12-29-09-jm.jpg (78300 bytes)
Ready to go home?
8-JWShelley-12-29-09-jm.jpg (75802 bytes)
9-JWShelley-12-29-09-jm.jpg (75012 bytes)
Heading to Eastport  

CCGS Griffon In the Welland canal -   Paul Beesley
1-griffon-12-29-09-pb.jpg (151699 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship (CCGS) Griffon came in from a stormy Lake Ontario to transit the canal and carry out necessary work to the various buoys in the canal.
2-griffon-12-29-09-pb.jpg (81265 bytes)
Approaching Lock 2.  The crew are busy knocking the ice off various deck machinery and fittings on the focsle deck.
3-griffon-12-29-09-pb.jpg (144517 bytes)
Nature's handiwork on the searchlight & wiring.  The searchlight is on to melt the ice on the lens.  These lights get very hot and will melt ice, which is safer than trying to chip the ice off the lens.
4-griffon-12-29-09-pb.jpg (76279 bytes)
Another view of some of the ice on the Griffon's hull and crane.  One crew member estimated waves were in the 10 to 12 foot range during their time on Lake Ontario.
5-griffon-12-29-09-pb.jpg (76255 bytes)
CCGS Griffon enters Lock 2.

Toronto vessels - George Lee
Misc-176.jpg (68893 bytes)
Cement barge Metis
Misc-177.jpg (54165 bytes)
Canadian Ranger, Algontario
Misc-178.jpg (44023 bytes)
Canadian Miner
Misc-179.jpg (43188 bytes)
Misc-180.jpg (57642 bytes)
English River
Misc-181.jpg (71701 bytes)
Enterprise 2000
Misc-182.jpg (56178 bytes)
Montrealais, tug Seahound
Misc-183.jpg (89594 bytes)
Tug William Rest, Atlas Crane

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR12292009_0001.jpg (70042 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha bow view
LATregurthaLR12292009_0005.jpg (127796 bytes) McKeeSonsLR12292009_0003.jpg (85094 bytes)
McKee Sons waiting in the harbor
McKeeSonsLR12292009_0004.jpg (66032 bytes)  

Lower Lakes Towing vessels in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_mansag_12_26_09_rb.jpg (90769 bytes)
Manitowoc at the Upper Harbor ore dock with Saginaw arriving
2_miss_12_26_09_rb.jpg (52000 bytes)
Mississagi at anchor, waiting to load ore
3_sag_12_26_09_rb.jpg (98262 bytes)
Saginaw at anchor off Marquette Light

Toledo Activity - Luke Archer
1-Michipicoten-12-29-09-la.jpg (77577 bytes)
Michipicoten gliding through the NS swing bridge on a calm, cold day on the Maumee.
2-Michipicoten-12-29-09-la.jpg (102196 bytes)
Close up of the Michipicoten.

Historical Perspectives year is 1943. Tugs built for the navy. - Ron Beaupre
1-trentontugs-rb.jpg (533662 bytes)
Tug CT-34 on the way from Central Bridge Co. Ltd yard to the launching yard on the bank of the Trent River.
2-trentontugs-rb.jpg (58999 bytes)
CT-36 has been moved off the flat car onto the launch ramp.
3-trentontugs-rb.jpg (81295 bytes)
 CT-39 about to splash into the Trent River.
4-trentontugs-rb.jpg (112239 bytes)
CT-38 launching in 1943. The Central Bridge plant was located northeast of Trenton.
5-trentontugs-rb.jpg (89000 bytes)
  CT-37 immediately after launching in 1943. CT-36 and CT-39 are secured behind the launch ramp.
6-trentontugs-rb.jpg (251454 bytes)
Fire Tug No. 1 and barges built by Central Bridge.

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