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December 31, 2009

Welland Canal Photos from December 2009 - Paul Beesley
1-shell-12-06-09-pb.jpg (88318 bytes)
J W Shelley downbound below Lock 1.  Dec 6.
2-shell-12-06-09-pb.jpg (80016 bytes)
Approaching the piers. 
3-manit-12-21-09-pb.jpg (65669 bytes)
Manitowoc downbound toward Lock 1.  Dec 21.
4-marne-12-21-09-pb.jpg (61942 bytes)
Marneborg downbound toward Lock 1.  Dec 21.
5-thalass-12-21-09-pb.jpg (78425 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes above Lock 1, downbound.  Dec 21.
6-penob-12-21-09-pb.jpg (93199 bytes)
USCGC Penobscot Bay upbound above Lock 1.  Dec 21.
7-way-12-22-09-pb.jpg (98028 bytes)
Algoway downbound at the Homer bridge.  Dec 22.
8-italy-12-22-09-pb.jpg (99111 bytes)
BBC Italy clear of Lock 2 while the Cuyahoga enters the lock.  Dec 22.
9-prospe-12-22-09-pb.jpg (74109 bytes)
Canadian Prospector downbound from Lock 2.  Dec 22.
10-cuya-12-22-09-pb.jpg (98898 bytes)
Cuyahoga & Federal Pendant passing above Lock 1.  Dec 22.

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
LATregurthaLR123009.jpg (110479 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha with the Manitowoc  in the background.
CMBeeghlyLR12302009_0002.jpg (76401 bytes)
Charles M Beeghly also waiting to begin loading.
McKeeSonsLR12302009_0002.jpg (109883 bytes)
McKee Sons

Marquette Upper Harbor Activity - Rod Burdick
1_sagmiss12_27_09_rb.jpg (127395 bytes)
Saginaw and Mississagi waiting to load ore
2_manlat_12_27_09_rb.jpg (103625 bytes)
Manitowoc loading ore with Lee A. Tregurtha at anchor

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