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January 1 - 4 , 20

Duluth vessel traffic for the weekend - Travis Chadwick
1-century-1-3-09-tc.jpg (75072 bytes)
American Century making her way through the ice after loading coal at SMET.
2-century-1-3-09-tc.jpg (78695 bytes)
American Century making the turn toward the Aerial Lift Bridge, steam still coming off her bow from loading.
3-century-1-3-09-tc.jpg (86067 bytes)
American Century exiting the Duluth Ship Canal with James R. Barker anchored out in the lake.
4-miner-1-3-09-tc.jpg (85562 bytes)
Mesabi Miner backing through the ice toward SMET with help breaking from G-tug North Carolina.
5-carolina-1-3-09-tc.jpg (94862 bytes)
Close up of the North Carolina.

Toronto Lay-up - Mark Leitch
1-EnglishRiver1-01-10-Ml.jpg (86826 bytes)
English River at Lafarge cement terminal
2-EnglishRiver1-02-10-Ml.jpg (77960 bytes)
Bow view
3-Montrealais1-01-10-Ml.jpg (69446 bytes)
Montrealais with storage load for Redpath
4-Montrealais1-01-10-Ml.jpg (56318 bytes)
5-Can.Miner-1-01-10-Ml.jpg (62103 bytes)
Canadian Miner in long term lay-up
6-Windoc1-01-10-Ml.jpg (63188 bytes)
Windoc Hull
7-SeahoundWyattM1-01-10-Ml.jpg (102364 bytes)
Tugs Seahound & Wyatt M
8-CanProvider1-01-10-Ml.jpg (68308 bytes)
Canadian Provider with storage load for Redpath
9-Can.Provider1-01-10-Ml.jpg (60092 bytes)
Provider full view
10-Algontario1-01-10-Ml.jpg (66431 bytes)
Algontario in long term Lay-up
11-TimS.Dool1-01-10-Ml.jpg (68466 bytes)
Tim S. Dool with winter storage load for Redpath

Tug Manitou in Alpena for ice breaking -  Ben & Chanda McClain
Mant-1-2-10-BCM-01.jpg (97315 bytes) Mant-1-2-10-BCM-02.jpg (108551 bytes) Mant-1-2-10-BCM-03.jpg (81398 bytes) Mant-1-2-10-BCM-04.jpg (88159 bytes)  

Algobay in Portland Maine during a blizzard on Saturday - Abbi Winkler
IMG_1015.jpg (75437 bytes) IMG_1014.jpg (120236 bytes) IMG_1011.jpg (114241 bytes)    

Montrealais in Toronto Harbor fog on Dec. 27 - Mike Quigg
Montrealais-ghost.jpg (24858 bytes) Montrealais-ship2.jpg (21610 bytes)      

Algosea in lay-up at the Seaway Terminal in Port Huron - Bruce Hurd
100_9411.jpg (64185 bytes)
Its bulbous bow high out of the water.

McKee Sons at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_McK_12_29_09_rb.jpg (184823 bytes)
At anchor waiting to load ore
2_McK_12_31_09_rb.jpg (116882 bytes)
Secured at the ore dock

13 degrees on the Detroit River Saturday - Richard McLenon
1-American-Integrity-2-2-10-rm-.jpg (74478 bytes)
Large Caterpillar generator on the deck of the Integrity possibly in preparation for layup?
2-American-Integrity-2-2-10-rm.jpg (49164 bytes)
American Integrity
3-American-Integrity-2-2-10-rm.jpg (83961 bytes)
Pushing ice in the Detroit River
4-American-Integrity-2-2-10-rm.jpg (39055 bytes)
Passing USCG Station Belle Isle
5-American-Integrity-2-2-10-rm.jpg (23810 bytes)
On her way to Lake St Clair

Marquette, Mich.  - Lee Rowe
MississagiLR01022010_0001.jpg (90886 bytes)
Mississagi at the dock, waiting...
McKeeSonsLR12312009_0001.jpg (111129 bytes)
McKee Sons with the Manitowoc at the dock, the Charles M Beeghly visible on the other side.
ManitowocLR12310901.jpg (95463 bytes)
MississagiLR12312009_0002.jpg (80199 bytes)

Port Huron Friday - Bruce Hurd
100_9410.jpg (66001 bytes)
Ojibway Downbound
100_9408.jpg (52803 bytes)
John J Boland Upbound

Ships Canal and Hamilton December 2009 - John McCreery
1-Richelieu-12-22-09-jm.jpg (114288 bytes)
Richelieu between Locks 1 and 2
2-Richelieu-12-22-09-jm.jpg (69589 bytes)
Current name with signs of her 2 former names still showing through
3-CanProsp-12-22-09-jm.jpg (99227 bytes)
Canadian Prospector downbound from Lock 2
4-Cuyahoga-12-22-09-km.jpg (201343 bytes)
Cuyahoga waiting on the wall below 1
5-Cuyahoga-12-22-09-jm.jpg (109560 bytes)
Cuyahoga below Lock 2
6-Cuyahoga-12-22-09-jm.jpg (110049 bytes)
About to enter Lock 2 in ballast and bound for Nanticoke to load ore for Hamilton
7-BBCItaly-12-22-09-jm.jpg (123612 bytes)
BBC Italy downbound in Lock 3
8-FedPendant-12-22-09-jm.jpg (165958 bytes)
Federal Pendant and BBC Italy nearly the last salties to clear the Upper Lakes
9-HamiltonHarbor-12-26-09-jm.jpg (48973 bytes)
Boxing day view of Hamilton Harbor
10-HamiltonHarbor-12-26-09-jm.jpg (86670 bytes)
 Norris and Leader in lay up

 Welland Canal Photos from Dec 2009 - Paul Beesley
11-neverl-12-22-09-pb.jpg (82559 bytes)
 Everlast and barge Norman McLeod below Lock 2.  Dec 22.
12-richl-12-22-09-pb.jpg (98119 bytes)
Richelieu approaching Lock 2 downbound.  Dec 22.
13-rail-12-23-09-pb.jpg (74672 bytes)
Algorail on the wall above Lock 7 waiting for a turnback.  Dec 23.
14-birch-12-23-09-pb.jpg (86935 bytes)
Birchglen downbound at the Glendale bridge.  Dec 23.
15-kiv-12-23-09-pb.jpg (69026 bytes)
Federal Kivalina passes the Quebecois below Lock 3.  Dec 23.
16-kiv-12-23-09-pb.jpg (75766 bytes)
Federal Kivalina seen from the Homer bridge.  Dec 23.
17-kiv-12-23-09-pb.jpg (74653 bytes)
Federal Kivalina below Lock 2.  Dec 23.
18-gates-12-25-09-pb.jpg (141468 bytes)
Early in the Fall some of the stored lock gates were refloated and moved below Lock 1 to be cleaned up and refinished.  This is one of them.  Dec 25.
19-gates-12-25-09-pb.jpg (79978 bytes)
 The same lock gate with a ladder for size reference.  The hut in the background houses another gate that is also being refinished.  Dec 25.
20-mckay-12-25-09-pb.jpg (82299 bytes)
Tony McKay & Hannah 6301 below Lock 1.  Dec 25.

Tanker Gemini being led through the draw of the Michigan St. Bridge on the Buffalo River from the summer of 1998 - Brian Wroblewski
Gemini-BW.jpg (142545 bytes)
This photo was taken from the riverfront stairway of the DL&W Train Terminal in downtown Buffalo. Mobil Oil got back into waterborne cargoes for time in the late 1990's after a drought that been in effect since the Buffalo refinery closed back in the 1980's. Tanker traffic out of Nanticoke, Ontario only lasted a few more years, but dried up again, with all incoming product coming by pipeline now that Buckeye Partners owns the Elk St. Product Terminal.

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