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January 5, 20

Charles M. Beeghly - Inbound the Rouge - Jeff Mast
1-Beegley-1-4-10-jtm.jpg (81871 bytes)
Making the turn inbound thru the Short Cut Bridge, slowly gaining  speed through the 4" to 6" ice.
2-Beeghly-1-4-10-jtm.jpg (52365 bytes)
Approaching Jefferson Ave with the Zug Island  Coking ovens steaming away as a backdrop as the cracking, crunching ice played its own song this afternoon
3-Beegley-1-4-10-jtm.jpg (78513 bytes)
Passing thru the Jefferson drawbridge ice covered from the trip down from Marquette, with Holiday lights lit on the back rails
4-Beeghly-1-4-10-jtm.jpg (82207 bytes)
Clear of Jefferson Ave. approaching the open Conrail Drawbridge

Charles M. Beeghly - Paul C. LaMarre Jr.
beeghly1-4-10plmj.jpg (77725 bytes)
Passing the Gaelic Tugboat Co. yard.
beeghly1-4-10plmj-(4).jpg (72566 bytes) beeghly1-4-10plmj-(3).jpg (77528 bytes) beeghly1-4-10plmj-(2).jpg (87509 bytes) beeghly1-4-10plmj-(1).jpg (107915 bytes)
View from onboard one of the wintering Diamond boats.

Marquette, Mich. -  Lee Rowe
DAPathfinderLR01042010_0005.jpg (111370 bytes)
The Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder waited at the Marquette ore dock on a stormy Monday.

Welland Canal Photos, Dec. 2009 - Paul Beesley
21-ver-12-25-09-pb.jpg (88061 bytes)
Verendrye & Doc Morin at Port Weller.  These ships just seem to gather rust.  Does anyone own them?
22-lake-12-26-09-pb.jpg (61540 bytes)
Algolake leaving Lock 2 upbound.  Dec 26.
23-steel-12-27-09-pb.jpg (94437 bytes)
Algosteel entering Lock 2 upbound.  Dec 27.
24-callit-12-18-09-pb.jpg (81059 bytes)
Athanasios G. Callitsis downbound below Lock 2.  Ex:Pintail  28,035 DWT, Bulk Carrier, Built 1983.  Dec 18.
25-callit-12-18-09-pb.jpg (74503 bytes)
Athanasios G. Callitsis downbound below Lock 2.  Dec 18.
26-big-12-18-09-pb.jpg (60088 bytes)
Barge Big 543 with Marinelink logo.  Dec 18.
27-big-12-18-09-pb.jpg (80620 bytes)
Commodore Straits with Big 543 above Lock 1 upbound.  She also has the Marinelink logo on the raised wheelhouse.  Dec 18.
28-comm-12-18-09-pb.jpg (79414 bytes)
Commodore Straits with Big 543 above Lock 1 upbound.  Dec 18.
29-tad-12-18-09-pb.jpg (67705 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac upbound from Lock 1.  Dec 18.
30-sam-12-22-09-pb.jpg (50680 bytes)
Waiting for another boat.  Samantha patiently sits in the snow while we wait for an upbounder to pass.  Like most dogs she loves to go in the truck.  I like to think it's to help with boatwatching.

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