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January 8, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease
1-amint-12-22-09-md.jpg (46796 bytes)
American Integrity down bound at 1 & 2.
2-mich-1-07-10-md.jpg (65914 bytes)
Michipicoten making the turn at 1 & 2.
3-cal-1-07-10-md.jpg (73989 bytes)
Calumet in the north slip at Point Edward for the winter.
4-miss-1-07-10-md.jpg (69947 bytes)
Mississagi astern of the Calumet.
5-cuy-1-07-10-md.jpg (91004 bytes) Cuyahoga loading at the elevator in Sarnia.

CSX Torco Ore Dock - Bob Vincent
1-AValor-1-7-10-bv.jpg (107647 bytes)
American Valor still in Lay-up
2-AValor-1-7-10-bv.jpg (102416 bytes)
Another view
3-AValor-1-7-10-bv.jpg (99559 bytes)
Another view
4-BristolBay-1-7-10-bv.jpg (100721 bytes) Bristol Bay heading out 5-BristolBay-1-7-10-bv.jpg (50472 bytes)
Another view
6-BristolBay-1-7-10-bv.jpg (96226 bytes)
Bristol Bay heading back in
7-LoadOutTower-1-7-10-bv.jpg (79359 bytes)
Torco's Load Out Tower, getting ready to load ore

Activity in Duluth and Superior - Travis Chadwick
1-ehgott-1-7-10-tc.jpg (67621 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott departing Superior with taconite from Burlington Northern.
2-ehgott-1-7-10-tc.jpg (57762 bytes)
Wider view with the Superior entry lighthouse as she heads through light snow and onto Lake Superior.
3-cornelius-1-7-10-tc.jpg (74318 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius in lay-up at Fraser Shipyard in Superior. She arrive on Jan. 6th.

Algocanada made its way into Cheboygan Wednesday
algocanada-1-10-(1).jpg (32160 bytes) algocanada-1-10.jpg (43187 bytes)      

Welland Canal Photos from October 2009 - Paul Beesley
1-fedshim-10-20-09-pb.jpg (72455 bytes)
Federal Shimanto slides the wall toward Lock 7.  Oct 20/09.
2-fedshim-10-20-09-pb.jpg (50256 bytes)
Crew on the Shimanto waving to the Boatnerds.  Oct 20/09
3-fedshim-10-20-09-pb.jpg (68665 bytes)
Federal Shimanto entering Lock 7 downbound.  Oct 20/09
4-alcan-10-21-09-pb.jpg (72891 bytes)
Algocanada downbound toward Lock 1.  Oct 21/09
5-alwood-10-21-09-pb.jpg (62297 bytes)
Algowood upbound from Lock 1.  Oct 21/09
6-vanc-10-21-09-pb.jpg (61934 bytes) Vancouverborg upbound from Lock 7.  Oct 21/09 7-isle-10-27-09-pb.jpg (118535 bytes)
Algoisle passing some trees.  Oct 27/09
8-fidel-10-27-09-pb.jpg (63369 bytes)
Beluga Fidelity upbound toward the Homer bridge.  Oct 27/09
9-prov-10-27-09-pb.jpg (104320 bytes)
Canadian Provider on the wall below Lock 1.  Oct 27/09
10-spruc-10-27-09-pb.jpg (101328 bytes)
 Reflection of the Spruceglen bow.  Oct 27/09

Fish tugs - Shaun Vary
January-009.jpg (79398 bytes)
Harry Purvis at Port Dover, January 7, 2009.
January-008.jpg (127390 bytes)
Ironfish at Port Dover, January 7, 2009
Gary-M0002.jpg (102641 bytes)
Gary M. at Grand Bend, Ontario, circa 2003.
Gary-M0001.jpg (92592 bytes)
Port Stanley, date unknown.

The Arctic in 2005 - on board CCGS Nahidik - Paul Beesley
1-arctic-08-09-05-pb.jpg (95954 bytes)
Google map showing the approximate location of Canadian Coast Guard Ship Nahidik (CCGS) when these photos were taken.
2-arctic-08-09-05-pb.jpg (88172 bytes)
Instrumentation showing our Latitude & Longitude as well as the course we followed while carrying out our research.
3-arctic-08-09-05-pb.jpg (89294 bytes)
Andrew, one of the Scientists on board, took the rest of these photos.  This is simply a piece of ice, but the Nahidik is way off in the background.
4-arctic-08-09-05-pb.jpg (75947 bytes)
CCGS Nahidik.  Science vessel extraordinaire.
5-arctic-08-09-05-pb.jpg (71272 bytes)
Another piece of ice, about 20 feet high.
6-arctic-08-09-05-pb.jpg (49795 bytes)
Nahidik disappears into the fog.

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