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January 10, 20

Algosteel Saturday afternoon north of Russel Island - Matt
01-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (80287 bytes)
02-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (106665 bytes) 03-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (90870 bytes) 04-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (93649 bytes) 05-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (101590 bytes)
USCG Penobscot Bay
06-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (78166 bytes) 07-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (100043 bytes) 08-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (106286 bytes) 09-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (99712 bytes) 10-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (101397 bytes)
11-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (120613 bytes) 12-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (125546 bytes) 13-ice-jam-algonac-01-09-2010-mk.jpg (131389 bytes)    

Sturgeon Bay Lay-Ups Jan. 8 - Dick Lund
1-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (85755 bytes)
2-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (86974 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes
3-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (61197 bytes)
Buffalo with tug, Michigan, alongside
4-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (83852 bytes)
Barge, Great Lakes, between Michigan Street and Oregon Street Bridges
5-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (53558 bytes)
(L to R) Cason J. Callaway, Manistee, Wilfred Sykes and Arthur M. Anderson
6-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (58295 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes
7-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (85565 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway and Manistee
8-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (88501 bytes)
9-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (50822 bytes)
The 112-yr.-old tug, John M. Selvick, heads out to assist the American Spirit
10-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (40769 bytes)
 (L to R) American Spirit, John M. Selvick and Jimmy L
11-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (56798 bytes)
(L to R) American Spirit, John M. Selvick and Jimmy L alongside "Big Red"
12-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (63845 bytes)
American Spirit enters the east end of the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal
13-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (39418 bytes)
American Spirit passing through the Bay Bridge
14-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (107264 bytes)
The 1004-ft.-long American Spirit passes through the Oregon Street Bridge (background) and Michigan Street Bridge which are just 800-ft. apart!
15-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (61563 bytes)
 American Spirit heads down toward Bay Shipbuilding with the Jimmy L (L) and John M. Selvick assisting
16-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (69979 bytes)
American Spirit passes Cason J. Callaway (L) and Arthur M. Anderson (stern)
17-SB-01-08-10-dl.jpg (68844 bytes)
 The rest (so far) of the lay-up fleet (L to R) Paul R. Tregurtha, Philip R. Clarke and American Courage

McKee Sons downbound the Cuyahoga River with the assistance of the Tug Iowa Saturday - Paul Magyar
1-McKeeSons-1-11-09-pm.jpg (94443 bytes)        


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