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January 11, 20

Saturday in Detroit - Dawn Roberts
1-DPath-1-9-10-dcr.jpg (78564 bytes)
Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder pass under the Ambassador Bridge, upbound on the Detroit River.
2-Algosar-1-9-10-dcr.jpg (65006 bytes)
Algosar reflected in the Detroit River.
3-Laur1-9-10-dcr.jpg (59167 bytes)
CSL Laurentian moves to the fuel dock.
4-Idaho-1-9-10-dcr.jpg (113037 bytes)
Tug Idaho leading Norman McLeod up the Rouge River.
5-leeaice-1-9-10-dcr.jpg (167062 bytes)
 Icicles on Lee A. Tregurtha's anchor, at the Jefferson Street Bridge.

St. Clair River ice jam off Russel Island - Scott Tomlinson
2010_0110_140614AA.jpg (88374 bytes)
Penobscot Bay at the northern tip of Russell Island, the area that caused the most difficulty for passage
2010_0110_140648AA.jpg (82488 bytes)
They were escorting the Algosar who couldn't make it past this point.
2010_0110_140326AA.jpg (90360 bytes)
Bristol Bay also working the area
2010_0110_140451AA.jpg (124947 bytes)
Bristol Bay with ice piled to shore
2icejam-1-10-10-sbt.jpg (92390 bytes)
Cutters working together
2010_0110_145128AA.jpg (204519 bytes)
Hollyhock off Roberts Landing, she was not working in the area of the worst ice.
3icejam-1-10-10-sbt.jpg (93889 bytes) 2010_0110_145307AA.jpg (76214 bytes)
She would escorts boats through the area above Russel Island
2010_0110_152543AA.jpg (71083 bytes)
Water opens up at St. Clair, Mich.
4icejam-1-10-10-sbt.jpg (170982 bytes)
Algosea in lay-up at the Bean Dock, Port Huron
5icejam-1-10-10-sbt.jpg (82384 bytes) 2010_0110_160738AA.jpg (66840 bytes)
Buoy's 1 & 2 and the open channel above Port Huron
2010_0110_161437AA.jpg (53043 bytes)
Fish tug L&R downbound
2010_0110_162318AA.jpg (51040 bytes)
Another fishing tug downbound off Light 11
6icejam-1-10-10-sbt.jpg (66892 bytes)
Sarnia lay-up fleet across a mostly ice free St. Clair River.
2010_0110_155923AA.jpg (63276 bytes)
Another view. Risley has not joined the action down river.
2010_0110_162331AA.jpg (50950 bytes)
 Kaministiqua, Edwin H. Gott and Charles M. Beeghly at anchor above Lights 11 & 12 in lower Lake Huron. This is the parking lot for downbound vessels waiting for the river to clear.
2010_0110_171630AA.jpg (76035 bytes)
Back down off of Algonac the CSL Laurentien has passed the Algosar and proceeded upbound
2010_0110_171743AA.jpg (71273 bytes) 2010_0110_171911AA.jpg (104621 bytes)
2010_0110_171902AA.jpg (85052 bytes) 2010_0110_171956AA.jpg (114343 bytes)
Long shadows of a later winter's day.
2010_0110_172249AA.jpg (77408 bytes)
Hollyhock leads the Laurentien upbound with the American Integrity docked at Recor.
2010_0110_174256AA.jpg (86490 bytes)
Looks like one of the Bay Class cutters stopped at the Algonac dock.
2010_0110_140603AA.jpg (76138 bytes)
Bristol Bay working to get the American Mariner around the Algosar
2010_0110_172850AA.jpg (77758 bytes)
Penobscot Bay working
2010_0110_140332AA.jpg (152491 bytes) 2010_0110_174514AA.jpg (72870 bytes)
American Mariner moving slow at the tip of Russell Island.
12icejam-1-10-10-sbt.jpg (90555 bytes) 2010_0110_174907AA.jpg (74055 bytes)
Comes to a halt
2010_0110_175230AA.jpg (68287 bytes)
Bristol Bay working along side
2010_0110_174923AA.jpg (102519 bytes) 2010_0110_175649AA.jpg (61213 bytes) 2010_0110_181743AA.jpg (101860 bytes)
Sun sets over Lake St. Clair

Ice jam in the lower St Clair River - Bruce Hurd
100_9421.jpg (127377 bytes)
CSL Laurentian seen from Algonac through Russell Island.
100_9423.jpg (89552 bytes)
 Bristol Bay breaking ice
100_9430.jpg (94286 bytes)
Hollyhock awaiting a ship to escort
100_9434.jpg (73456 bytes)
American Mariner as it was just starting to move.

Rouge River - Ken Borg

IMG_4499-1.jpg (104211 bytes)
 Idaho helps the tug Everlast and barge Norman McLeod  tie-up at the Marathon Dock in Detroit as the Lee A. Tregurtha comes through the NS draw  Looking down river from Fort St. Detroit, MI


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