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January 12, 20

St. Clair River - Galen Witham
1---lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (95152 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, upbound near marine City, near the north end of the ice field.
2--lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (93265 bytes)
Another view of the Lee A., off Marine City.
3-lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (75234 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, as her bow cuts through the ice.
4-lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (78972 bytes)
The Tregurtha, above Marine City, heading for St. Clair, Michigan.
5-hcj-1-11-10-grw.jpg (84976 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson, above Stag Island Upper, proceeding towards Marysville.
6-hcj-1-11-10-grw.jpg (105160 bytes) 7-hcj-1-11-10-grw.jpg (105860 bytes) 8-hcj-1-11-10-grw.jpg (92673 bytes) 9-hcj-1-11-10-grw.jpg (105841 bytes) 10-hcj-1-11-10-grw.jpg (73561 bytes)
11-reliance-1-11-10-grw.jpg (85688 bytes)
Tug Reliance of PML, downbound light, coming in off the lake.
12-reliance-1-11-10-grw.jpg (97045 bytes)
She left her barge in the ice above while making a quick stop in Sarnia to pick up crew members.
13-lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (92585 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, upbound at the Bluewater Bridge, as the snow gets even more intense.
16-lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (109396 bytes)
Tregurtha makes her turn to proceed upbound under the Bridge.
17-lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (128387 bytes)
Meets the fishing tug Mar Vel Ann near the Bluewater Bridge, in a snow squall.
18-lee-1-11-10-grw.jpg (107852 bytes)
Almost to Buoys 1 and 2, the Lee A. proceeds out into the lake, only to discover her orders changed, and she must anchor and wait for transit downbound to Detroit.
1-icefield-1-11-10-grw.jpg (148728 bytes)
Ice field at Marine City, looking south
2-ice-1-11-10-grw.jpg (129369 bytes)
Ice field at Marine City, Looking north

USCG working to free the Algosar Monday
St-Clair-Ice-Jam3.jpg (16224 bytes) St-Clair-Ice-Jam.jpg (19254 bytes) St-Clair-Ice-Jam2.jpg (19328 bytes)    

Ice jam off Algonac April 20,1996 - Bruce Hurd
Mantadoc-ice-1996.jpg (82824 bytes)
Mantadoc stuck upbound
algorail-ice-1996.jpg (66968 bytes)
Algorail upbound
mackinaw-ice-1996.jpg (99064 bytes)
Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw breaking ice
PierreRadisson-bay-ice01996.jpg (94230 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Pierre Radisson upbound and the US Coast Guards Bristol Bay downbound breaking ice
MarthaLblack-ice-1996.jpg (77370 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Martha L Black is shown in a clear river upbound off Algonac 24 hours later.

Historic gallery - Roger LeLievre
EvansParker875rl.jpg (56306 bytes)
Photos of the steamer Parker Evans at the Soo in the 1970s.
EvansParker,-Helen-75rl.jpg (66003 bytes)
The vessel's namesake died Saturday in Owen Sound, Ont.

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