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January 15, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease
1-cuy-1-07-10-md.jpg (51092 bytes)
Cuyahoga takes on one last load at the elevator in Sarnia.
2-mani-1-13-10-md.jpg (89223 bytes)
Manitowoc makes a pit stop in Sarnia on her way to the Soo with coal.
3-cuya-1-14-10-a-md.jpg (72353 bytes)
Cuyahoga down bound at buoys 1 & 2.
4-cuya-1-14-10-b-md.jpg (86406 bytes)
Cuyahoga making the turn at the Black River before heading into the north slip at Point Edward.
5-cuya-1-14-10-c-md.jpg (62401 bytes)
Easing her way through the ice
6-cuya-1-14-10-d-md.jpg (71250 bytes)
Stern view.
7-mac-1-14-10-md.jpg (76497 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw heads into Lake Huron.
8-term-1-14-10-md.jpg (122029 bytes)
Fish tug Teresa Maria returns from a hard day's work in Lake Huron.

Port Huron and Marysville Thursday - Bruce Hurd
stclair1-14-10-bh.jpg (57191 bytes)
CCGC Griffon downbound heading toward Algonac
stclair1-14-10-bh-(5).jpg (61314 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder downbound
stclair1-14-10-bh-(4).jpg (67794 bytes)
Cuyahoga turning just north of Black River
stclair1-14-10-bh-(2).jpg (48962 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw upbound off Marysville
stclair1-14-10-bh-(1).jpg (60769 bytes)

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. - Scott Best
1-CSLLaurentien-01-14-10-sb.jpg (58573 bytes)
Close up approaching the Bay Bridge (Hwy 57)
2-CSLLaurentien-01-14-10-sb.jpg (82690 bytes)
Jimmy L gives the Laurentien a hand to line up for the Oregon/Maple St Bridge.
3-CSLLaurentien-01-14-10-sb1.jpg (45143 bytes)
Close up.
4-CSLLaurentien-01-14-10-sb.jpg (88447 bytes)
Stern view heading through the Michigan St Bridge.
5-CSLLaurentien-01-14-10-sb.jpg (62164 bytes)
Backing into Berth 9, Herbert C Jackson at left.
1-SpiritPRT-01-14-10-sb.jpg (120149 bytes)
American Spirit in the Graving Dock, Paul R Tregurtha at left being re-powered.

Roger Blough Departs Duluth - Ed Labernik
1---rblough---1-14-10-el.jpg (113092 bytes)
Roger Blough makes its turn in the Duluth harbor basin, lining up for the Duluth Ship Canal
2---rblough-1-14-10-el.jpg (98463 bytes)
Roger Blough about to pass under the Aerial Lift Bridge, downbound for Gary, IN
3---edwardh---1-14-10-el.jpg (106794 bytes)
The tug Edward H. assists the Blough through Duluth Harbor ice.
4---jrbarker---12-27-09-el.jpg (103479 bytes)
 James R. Barker makes its turn for the Aerial Lift Bridge as the snow begins to fall.
5---jrbarker-12-27--09-el.jpg (124857 bytes)
In the Duluth Ship Canal, the James R. Barker is outbound with coal loaded at SMET in Superior, Wisc.

Mackinaw upbound in the St. Clair passing Stag Island Middle Light Thursday - R.M. Hunt
mackinaw-1-14-10-rmh.jpg (79987 bytes)        

Owen Sound Layup - Erich Zuschlag
algowayos-01-13-10ez.jpg (83824 bytes)
algowayosb-01-13-10ez.jpg (114518 bytes)
Bow shot
algowayosc-01-13-10ez.jpg (123520 bytes)
Stern shot
tranferosb-01-13-10ez.jpg (114414 bytes)
Canadian Transfer
transferos-01-13-10ez.jpg (74849 bytes)
Canadian Transfer bow shot
jiimaanscudder-01-12-10ez.jpg (53792 bytes)
Jiimaan leaving Scudder on Pelee Island. The North Dock of Pelee Island was rarely used by the ferry as the harbour was shallow and very small giving little to no room for the ferry to move. The Jiimaan built in 1992 last used the North Dock terminal in 1993 when the new terminal at the West Dock were completed. The building beside is the Island grain elevator and was standing until 2004 when it was demolished. It was regularly serviced by smaller Canadian straight deckers such as the Willoglen. With the building of the Jiimaan trucks were used to get the grain off the Island and to the larger elevators in Windsor.

Toledo, Ohio - Bob Vincent
1-Nebraska-1-14-10-bv.jpg (67095 bytes)
Great Lakes tug Nebraska breaking ice in the turn basin
2-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (64937 bytes)
John J. Boland heading in for winter lay-up
3-Nebraska-1-14-10-bv.jpg (67303 bytes)
Tug Nebraska working the turn basin in front CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
4-Nebraska-1-14-10-bv.jpg (71795 bytes)
another view
5-Nebraska-1-14-10-bv.jpg (56276 bytes)
Ice being moved
6-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (63034 bytes)
John J Boland making her turn
7-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (69150 bytes)
 Tug Nebraska assisting in the turning process
8-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (65818 bytes)
With a assistance from Nebraska, John J. Boland will back up river
9-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (81200 bytes)
Going through the NS train bridge
10-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (73179 bytes)
Nebraska released, the Boland will dock behind the American Republic
11-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (59129 bytes) 12-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (61118 bytes) 13-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (59686 bytes) 14-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (71119 bytes) 15-JohnJBoland-1-14-10-bv.jpg (69327 bytes)
John J. Boland at her winter lay-up dock (old Interlake Steel Company Dock) 
16-AmericanRepublic-1-14-10-bv.jpg (68452 bytes)
American Republic at her winter lay-up dock

Goderich, Ont. -  Canadian Progress clearing Thursday with salt - Bruce Douglas
1-CdnProgress-1-14-10-bjd.jpg (132877 bytes)        

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