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January 19, 20

Luedtke equipment in Buffalo -  Brian Wroblewski
1-Luedtke-1-15-10-BW.jpg (76861 bytes)
 Jan. 15 view of the frozen Cargil Slip with the Luedtke dredge equipment laid up for winter.
2-Luedtke-1-15-10-BW.jpg (108643 bytes)
Kurt R Luedtle pumped out and riding high in water at the Cargil Pier
3-Luedtke-1-15-10-BW.jpg (93608 bytes)
North side of the Cargil Pool Elevator Pier with the #16 dredge rig and a dump scow frozen solid by ice.
1-Luedtke-1-17-10-BWJR.jpg (118916 bytes)
Jan. 17 - The #16 dredge rig is shut down for winter on the North side of the Cargil Pier in Buffalo Outer Harbor.
2-Luedtke-1-17-10-BWJR.jpg (122670 bytes)
The dredge's clamshell buckets are seen sitting on deck under the derrick boom.
3-Luedtke-1-17-10-BWJR.jpg (110117 bytes)
South side of the pier with the work barge, pump out barge Lucille T, and three dump scows all rafted together.
4-Luedtke-1-17-10-BWJR.jpg (93122 bytes)
Kurt Luedtke rafted on the outboard side of their work barge.
5-CSX-1-17-10-BWJR.jpg (69947 bytes)
Westbound stack train at Lake Ave. in Lackawanna.
6-B&P-1-17-10-BWJR.jpg (110808 bytes)
Buffalo & Pittsburgh was also switching on the main between the Ford Plant and Mittal Steel.

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
MichipicotenLR01152010_0002.jpg (77292 bytes)
Michipicoten at the dock.
MichipicotenLR01152010_0004.jpg (76057 bytes)
Bow view

Marquette Upper Harbor Activity in January - Rod Burdick
1_miss_1_2_10_rb.jpg (132632 bytes)
Mississagi waiting to load ore
2_mm_1_8_10_rb.jpg (110339 bytes)
Stern view of Mesabi Miner loading ore
3_dapath_1_12_10_rb.jpg (80642 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder
4_sag_1_13_10_rb.jpg (82698 bytes)
Saginaw at the ore dock, view from the lakeshore

Winter view of the Museum ship Keewatin on January 16 - Jonathan Phillips
Keewatin.jpg (38503 bytes)
Her white was repainted summer of 2009

Historical Perspective - Algoisle
Algoisle-9-09rl.jpg (66908 bytes)
Algoisle in the St. Marys River, and
Algoisle-crew-9-09rl.jpg (63934 bytes)
a friendly wave from the wheelhouse. Capt. Seann O' Donoughue is at left. September 2009 (Roger LeLievre)
SilverIsle93JohnBerg.jpg (79115 bytes)
Silver Isle in 1993 (John Berg, Know Your Ships archives)

Historical Perspective - Algoisle in Marquette 2005 - Rod Burdick 
1_aisle_6_4_05_rb.jpg (121030 bytes)
Loading ore at the Upper Harbor

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