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January 20 - 24, 20

Sarnia Lay-up January 23 - Frank Frisk
sarnia12310.jpg (128555 bytes)
Wide view
sarnia12310gdock.jpg (100271 bytes)
Government Dock
sarnia12310nslip.jpg (106534 bytes)
North Slip
porthuronbeandock1-23-10.jpg (142405 bytes)
Algosea at the Seaway Terminal in Port Huron

Toronto, January 23 - John van der Doe
Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(2).jpg (85279 bytes) Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(3).jpg (73951 bytes) Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(5).jpg (61844 bytes) Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(10).jpg (63087 bytes) Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(12).jpg (105159 bytes)
Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(15).jpg (82944 bytes) Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(16).jpg (68602 bytes) Toronto-23-Jan.-2010-(17).jpg (61796 bytes)    

Hamilton, Ont. January 22 - John van der Doe
Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010.jpg (116990 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(2).jpg (79105 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(3).jpg (114057 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(4).jpg (77111 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(5).jpg (85880 bytes)
Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(6).jpg (52179 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(7).jpg (80869 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(8).jpg (116543 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(9).jpg (102871 bytes) Hamilton-22-Jan.-2010-(12).jpg (140175 bytes)

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_mich_1_18_10_rb.jpg (124694 bytes)
Loading the final ore cargo of the season

Around the Lakes - Mike Nicholls
ASHLANDBAYFIELDEXPRESSb0601.jpg (42839 bytes)
Ashland Bayfield Express At Washburn, Wis. - Jan. 18, 2010 
ISLANDPRINCESSb46011810mn.jpg (46786 bytes)
Island Princess.
ISLEROYALEQUEENIVb23011810m.jpg (38258 bytes)
Isle Royale Queen IV.
WENONAHb10011810mn.jpg (44863 bytes)
WENONAs04011810mn.jpg (48183 bytes)
PELICANb11011810mn.jpg (52451 bytes)
PELICANs08011810mn.jpg (39628 bytes) BAYFIELDb58011810mn.jpg (49626 bytes)
Bayfield, Wis
ECLIPSEb56011810mn.jpg (71756 bytes)
Tug Eclipse.
MADELINEb63011810mn.jpg (48152 bytes)
Madeline Island Ferry Bayfield.
ISLANDQUEENs60011810mn.jpg (48906 bytes)
Ferry Island Queen.
NICHEVOIIb66011810mn.jpg (55184 bytes)
Ferry Nichevo II.
OUTERISLANDb67011810mn.jpg (61520 bytes)
Outer Island.
NOYESHACKb70011810mn.jpg (47835 bytes)
Hack Noyes.
SEABIRDb76011810mn.jpg (54618 bytes)
Ashland, Wis. Tug Sea Bird.
BEAVERb11011710mn.jpg (46508 bytes)
Jan. 17, Arnold's Beaver In St. Ignace, Mi.
STRAITSOFMACKINACIIb0601171.jpg (59193 bytes)
Straits of Mackinac II
ThreeArnoldCats02011710mn.jpg (52732 bytes)
Three Arnold Cats, Straits Express, Mackinac Express And Island Express.
ThreeArnoldCats13011710mn.jpg (44777 bytes) GRANDPORTALb10011710mn.jpg (44648 bytes)
Pictured Rocks Boat Grand Portal.
MARSHARb08011910mn.jpg (46723 bytes)
Jan. 19, Kokosing's Marsha R At The Soo.
MISSLAURAb11011910mn.jpg (60651 bytes)
Marine Tech's Miss Laura.
GENERALCHAMPIONB15011910MN.jpg (67498 bytes)
Tugs's General And Champion.
TREGURTHALABEEGHLYb02012010.jpg (41223 bytes)
Jan. 20, Lee A Tregurtha and Charles M Beeghly in Nicholson's Ecorse Slip.
DetroitRiverLight27012010mn.jpg (36479 bytes)
Detroit River Light.
MCKEESONSMonroePPb18012010m.jpg (52276 bytes)
Mc Kee Sons and tug Invincible approching the Monroe Power Plant.
MCKEESONSb13012010mn.jpg (38258 bytes) MCKEESONSs14012010mn.jpg (52545 bytes)
INVINCIBLEs15012010mn.jpg (50673 bytes) INVINCIBLEs16012010mn.jpg (36058 bytes) GreenBuoy09012010mn.jpg (74579 bytes)
"Green" channel buoy.

Historical Perspective Algoisle - Steve Jowett 
1-Algoisle-11-06-sj.jpg.jpg (84571 bytes)
Algoisle up bound at Port Huron in November 2006.
2-Algoisle-11-06sj.jpg.jpg (100574 bytes) 3-Algoisle-11-06-sj.jpg.jpg (80814 bytes) 4-Algoisle-11-06-sj.jpg.jpg (83124 bytes)

Welland canal Photos from April 2006 - Paul Beesley
1-capedis-04-01-06-pb.jpg (135257 bytes)
CCGC Cape Discovery on its way from winter storage to the water in Port Dover. 
2-gunay-04-01-06-pb.jpg (67074 bytes)
Gunay-A upbound above Lock 3.
3-provid-04-01-06-pb.jpg (78323 bytes)
Canadian Provider raising in Lock 1.  There is a tug in the lock with her.
4-provid-04-01-06-pb.jpg (125086 bytes)
Progress & Canadian Provider ready to leave Lock 1.
5-provid-04-01-06-pb.jpg (71898 bytes)
 Paul E 1, Vigilant 1 and Progress manoeuvre the Canadian Provider toward the dry dock.
6-cslassin-04-01-06-pb.jpg (99253 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine upbound at the Homer bridge.
7-mcnall-04-01-06-pb.jpg (79353 bytes)
Sandra Mary & barge approaching Lock 1 from Port Weller.  At the stern of the barge is the tug RCI Tug 11.
8-sanmar-04-01-06-pb.jpg (81589 bytes)
Sandra Mary at the small boat dock in Port Weller.
9-voyind-04-01-06-pb.jpg (65563 bytes)
Voyageur Independent upbound above Lock 3.
10-fedmat-04-01-06-pb.jpg (57980 bytes)
Federal Matane approaching the wall below Lock 1.
11-stolt-04-01-06-pb.jpg (74389 bytes)
Stolt Kite approaching Lock 3.
12-lakguar-04-01-06-pb.jpg (74719 bytes)
Lake Guardian upbound above Lock 7.
13-greenw-04-01-06-pb.jpg (71602 bytes)
Greenwing upbound above Lock 7.
14-canoly-04-01-06-pb.jpg (82139 bytes)
Canadian Olympic clear of Lock 2.
15-clileg-04-01-06-pb.jpg (104798 bytes)
Clipper Legend approaching Lock 2 upbound.
16-relian-04-01-06-pb.jpg (76336 bytes)
Reliance & barge in the canal.
17-spargar-04-01-06-pb.jpg (80800 bytes)
Spar Garnet drifting toward Lock 1.
18-milo-04-01-06-pb.jpg (74600 bytes)
Milo clear of Lock 1 upbound.
19-pontop-04-01-06-pb.jpg (70668 bytes)
Pontoporos on her way to Lock 2.
20-coop-04-01-06-pb.jpg (108886 bytes)
Pilot Boat J W Cooper passes the remains of the Joseph Frantz, Port Colborne.
21-kwint-04-01-06-pb.jpg (82425 bytes)
Kwintebank at Bridge 21 Port Colborne.
22-olymet-04-01-06-pb.jpg (127067 bytes)
Olympic Merit at Bridge 21 Port Colborne with the pilot boat.  The Merit went to the fuel dock.
23-mich-04-01-06-pb.jpg (93973 bytes)
Michipicoten slides into Lock 7.
24-stefan-04-01-06-pb.jpg (74096 bytes)
Stefania-1 above the Glendale bridge.
25-fedyuk-04-01-06-pb.jpg (100795 bytes)
Federal Yukon below the Homer bridge.

Gisela the former Mathilde Desgagnes in Haiti - USCG
GiselafrmrMathildeDesgagnesHaiti.jpg (120520 bytes)        

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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