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January 25, 20

Detroit traffic - Mike Nicholls
CANADIANPROGRESSs01012410mn.jpg (46560 bytes)
Canadian Progress arriving at the Motor City Dock in the Rouge River with a cargo of salt from Goderich.
WYOMINGb07012410mn.jpg (67062 bytes)
Tug Wyoming outbound the Rouge River.
WYOMINGs02012410mn.jpg (68190 bytes) IDAHOb13012410mn.jpg (69665 bytes)
Tug Idaho.
IDAHOs04012410mn.jpg (75358 bytes)
IDAHOWYOMINGb15012410mn.jpg (54730 bytes) PENOBSCOTBAYGRIFFINs1801241.jpg (44956 bytes)
Coast Guard Vessels Penobscot Bay and Griffon in the Belle Isle Anchorage.
PENOBSCOTBAYs21012410mn.jpg (52374 bytes) GRIFFONb24012410mn.jpg (54502 bytes)  

Montreal Layup - Adrian Platts
Mlayup_1.jpg (50919 bytes)
Sauniere, Halifax and Mapleglen in the Montreal dock
Mlayup_2.jpg (69999 bytes)
Bow detail
Mlayup_3.jpg (166150 bytes)
Sauniere completely iced in
Mlayup_4.jpg (97227 bytes)
Mapleglen with its Federal name visible close up
Mlayup_5.jpg (138533 bytes)
Bubbler keeps the water around Mapleglen and GC Leitch's steerable propulsion ice-free
Mlayup_4p5.jpg (66468 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch tied up with Victorious & barge JC Carrick

V.W. Scully in Interlake colors -  Photo by Emory Massman from the Marc Vander Meulen Collection
VW_Scully.jpg (61742 bytes)
St. Clair River Sept/Oct 1969

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