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March 31, 20

Alpena outbound from Lafarge Wednesday -  Ben & Chanda McClain
Alpena-3-30-11-BCM-01.jpg (68464 bytes)        

Lee A. Tregurtha up the Rouge River Tuesday
- Kenneth Borg
leeatregurtha3-29-11-kb.jpg (86546 bytes) leeatregurtha3-29-11-kbb.jpg (59146 bytes)
Passing through the draw at Dix Ave.  Note the new 
hydraulic boom (Terex) just ahead of the stack.

Toledo docks
- Steven Feher
AmericanMariner3-30-11-sf.jpg (80417 bytes)
American Mariner done loading coal at #4 coal machine
AmericanMariner3-30-11-sfb.jpg (81062 bytes)
heading out
philiprclarke3-30-11-sf.jpg (74828 bytes)
P. R. Clarke docking at CSX Torco dock with a load of ore
philiprclarke3-30-11-sfb.jpg (72581 bytes)
offloading ore at Torco

Philip R. Clarke at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1prc_3_28_11_rb.jpg (96582 bytes)
Arriving on a cold spring morning
2prc_3_28_11_rb.jpg (107451 bytes)
Ore loading chutes down

BBC Steinhoeft at the Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-steinhoeft-30-03-11-rb.jpg (96302 bytes)
Closeup of BBC Steinhoeft, showing her stack markings.
2-steinhoeft-30-03-11-rb.jpg (62170 bytes)
BBC Steinhoeft clearing Iroquois Lock. Formerly Beluga Fusion.
3-steinhoeft-30-03-11-rb.jpg (57401 bytes)
BBC Steinhoeft sails down the St. Lawrence at Iroquois.

New tug Ken Boothe Sr. at Erie, PA.
kenboothsr-3-22-11.jpg (51202 bytes)
The tugboat was constructed in the Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair facility over the last 14 months. The still-to-be-named cargo barge is scheduled to be delivered in early Spring of 2012.

Welland Canal March 28 -
Paul Beesley
1-cantran-3-28-11-pb.jpg (52799 bytes)
Canadian Transport above Lock 1.
2-cantran-3-28-11-pb.jpg (69223 bytes)
The Transport approaching Lock 2.
3-endeav-3-28-11-pb.jpg (67398 bytes)
Karen Andrie & Endeavour approaching Lock 1, downbound.
4-endeav-3-28-11-pb.jpg (85544 bytes)
Still lots of work left before all that ice is knocked off.
5-endeav-3-28-11-pb.jpg (64863 bytes)
Karen Andrie & Endeavour approaching Lock 1.

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