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April 1, 20

BBC Steinhoeft aground in the Seaway between the Victoria and Jacques Cartier Bridge on March 31 -  Rene Beauchamp
BBCSteinhoeft3-31-11-rb2.jpg (75264 bytes) BBCSteinhoeft3-31-11-rb3.jpg (92191 bytes) BBCSteinhoeft3-31-11-rb6.jpg (75406 bytes) BBCSteinhoeft3-31-11-rb4.jpg (151754 bytes) BBCSteinhoeft3-31-11-rb5.jpg (68951 bytes)
BBCSteinhoeft3-31-11-rb1.jpg (102002 bytes) Cinnamon3-31-11-rb.jpg (57156 bytes)
Cinnamon arriving at one of the Montreal anchorages. She anchored du to delays cause by the grounding of BBC Steinhoeft in the Seaway.
Aragonborg3-31-11-rb.jpg (67148 bytes)
Aragonborg at the anchorage in Montreal awaiting for the green light to proceed up the Seaway on her first trip.
Amphitrite3-31-11-rb-cinn.jpg (54256 bytes)
Montreal harbor scene: Amphitrite and Cinnamon.
Amphitrite3-31-11-rb.jpg (59159 bytes)
Amphitrite unloading at the Shell Oil dock.

South Chicago Thursday Morning -
Lou Gerard
Canadianenter-3-31-11-lg858.jpg (113753 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise coming through 5 Bridges being led by G tug Arizona, not a recent common sight working the Cal River.
Canadianenter-3-31-11-lg876.jpg (78463 bytes)
Approaching 95th St. with a load of petroleum coke that was loaded at Beemsterboer and Chicago Fuel Terminal, she heads for Lake Michigan.
Canadianenter-3-31-11-lg882.jpg (133670 bytes)
We will miss seeing this name.
Canadianenter-3-31-11-lg910.jpg (82817 bytes)
G tug Colorado pushing hard on the stern at 92ns St.
Canadianenter-3-31-11-lg927.jpg (98664 bytes)
Passing through 'J' bridge.
Canadianenter-3-31-11-lg943.jpg (55728 bytes)
Passing the Atlantic Erie in Calumet Harbor.
atlanticerie-3-31-11-lg952.jpg (51788 bytes)
Arizona and Colorado turning Atlantic Erie in Calumet Harbor. 
atlanticerie-3-31-11-lg974.jpg (74222 bytes)
Passing through the bend at 92nd St. enroute to KCBX.
atlanticerie-3-31-11-lg987.jpg (98052 bytes)
Waiting at 5 bridges for Amtrak to pass.
atlanticerie-3-31-11-lg993.jpg (84437 bytes)
 Fishermen watch and fish on 95th St. bridge while the Erie waits for another Amtrak to pass.
atlanticerie-3-31-11-lg1001.jpg (127030 bytes)
Arizona leading the way approaching 100th St.
atlanticerie-3-31-11-lg0012.jpg (76735 bytes)
Docking at KCBX.

USCGC Hollyhock moored at USCGC Mackinaw's mooring in the Cheboygan River on March 31
- Dianne Donati
USCGC-Hollyhock-3-31-11-dd.jpg (97707 bytes)        

Operation Coal Shovel -
Galen Witham
1.-bristol-3-38-11-grw.jpg (85996 bytes)
On March 28, 2011, the USCGC Bristol Bay gets underway from Sector Detroit, enroute for Flushing operation near Harsens Island.
2.-morro-3-28-11-grw.jpg (127770 bytes)
28 March 2011, the Morro Bay gets ready to make the dock in Algonac after a long day of successful operations clearing the Lower St. Clair River. 
3.-bristol-3-28-11-grw.jpg (164206 bytes)
"First line over", the Bristol hauls her flags down mooring in Algonac.
4.-cuyahoga-3-28-11-grw.jpg (91926 bytes)
Downbound off Willow Point, the Cuyahoga.  3-28-11
5.-cuyahoga-3-28-11-grw.jpg (96617 bytes)
Pilothouse view of the Cuyahoga.
6.-cuyahoga-3-28-11-grw.jpg (80559 bytes)
The Cuyahoga heading towards Russell Island.
7.-tad-3-28-11-grw.jpg (71648 bytes)
The CSL Tadoussac approaching the Salt Dock, upbound for Duluth, showing off her new paint.  3-28-11.
8.-tad-3-28-11-grw.jpg (67615 bytes)
Close up of the pilothouse as the sun gleams on it.
9.-tad-3-28-11-grw.jpg (71512 bytes)
The CSL Tadoussac, upbound off of Marine City.
10.-miner-3-29-11-grw.jpg (68309 bytes)
The Mesabi Miner, downbound for Recor Point, with western coal, as seen from Sarnia on 3-29-11.
11.-lhc-3-29-11-grw.jpg (77930 bytes)
Brash ice drifts into the shipping channel on 3-29-11.

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