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April 3, 20

Green Bay Saturday - Scott Best 
1-hollyhock-04-02-11-sb.jpg (77503 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock arrives at the mouth of the Fox River.
1-Texas-04-02-11-sb.jpg (97994 bytes)
Tug Texas heads out to meet the Algosea.
1-tugsalgosea-04-02-11-sb.jpg (58952 bytes)
Tugs Texas and Indiana head for the Algosea.
2-Algosea-04-02-11-sb.jpg (73122 bytes)
Algosea arrives at the mouth of the Fox River in Green Bay.
3-Alogsea-04-02-11-sb.jpg (79608 bytes)
Turned around and backing up river under the I-43 Leo Frigo Bridge.
4-Algosea-04-02-11-sb.jpg (68902 bytes)
Tug Indiana gets the Algosea into place at the dock.

Opening day for the Port of Green Bay -
Wendell Wilke
algI0001.jpg (77545 bytes) algII0001.jpg (65445 bytes) algIII0001.jpg (60541 bytes)    

American Republic in Toledo - Jim Hoffman
AmericanRepublic-4-1-11-jhd.jpg (36613 bytes)
Bow view of American Republic, ASC's long term lease is up on the vessel.
AmericanRepublic-4-1-11-jhc.jpg (48194 bytes)
Stern view of American Republic showing the all black stack.
AmericanRepublic-4-1-11-jh.jpg (57028 bytes)
Work crew removing the ASC-GATX billboard from the side of her hull.
AmericanRepublic-4-1-11-jhb.jpg (49433 bytes)
Closeup view of her stack that is now painted completely black with the ASC Fleet markings now removed.

Welland Canal Saturday -
Dan Syrcher
01-John-B.-Aird-4-02-11-ds.jpg (71985 bytes) 02-Cape-Roger-4-2-11-ds.jpg (106330 bytes) 03-Algorail-4-2-11-ds.jpg (69832 bytes) 04-wideview-4-2-11-ds.jpg (66585 bytes) 09-Spruceglen-4-2-11-ds.jpg (52521 bytes)
11-Spruceglen-4-2-11-ds.jpg (65767 bytes) 12-Spruceglen-4-2-11-ds.jpg (72992 bytes) 13-Spruceglen-4-2-11-ds.jpg (75444 bytes)    

- Steven Feher
Lee-A-Tregurtha-4-2-11-sf.jpg (59477 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha backing down from Torco dock To #4 coal machine Saturday
Lee-A-Tregurtha-4-2-11-sfd.jpg (100622 bytes)
under  # 4  coal machine
Lee-A-Tregurtha-4-2-11-sfb.jpg (95590 bytes) Manitowoc4-2-11-sf.jpg (93059 bytes) Lee-A-Tregurtha-4-2-11-sfe.jpg (80981 bytes)
Lee-A-Tregurtha-4-2-11-sfc.jpg (78924 bytes) toledocoal-dumper4-2-11-sf.jpg (110884 bytes)
  #4 coal dumper
Atlantic-Huron4-2-11-sf.jpg (72384 bytes)
Atlantic Huron unloading ore at  CSX Torco dock
Atlantic-Huron4-2-11-sfb.jpg (66821 bytes) John-J-Munson4-1-11-sf.jpg (59768 bytes)
John J Munson backing under #4 coal machine Friday
John-J-Munson4-1-11-sfb.jpg (53705 bytes) Paul-J-Martin-4-1-11-sfb.jpg (59556 bytes)
Paul J. Martin unloading ore at CSX Torco Docks
Paul-J-Martin-4-1-11-sf.jpg (76974 bytes) John-Francis4-1-11-sf.jpg (88837 bytes)
Tug John Francis
Manistee4-1-11-sf.jpg (101213 bytes)
Manistee  on Torco #1 wall for repairs

UP shipping -
Lee Rowe
wilfredsykes4-2-11lr.jpg (51904 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes arriving in Escanaba on Friday.
Samlaud4-2-11-lr.jpg (71964 bytes)
Sam Laud in Marquette Saturday

Operation Coal Shovel - Galen Witham

1.-ft-grat-3-29-11-grw.jpg (261725 bytes)
Fort Gratiot Light House from Station Port Huron
1.-calumet-3-30-11-grw.jpg (74966 bytes)
 The Calumet, exiting the Lake Huron Cut, downbound under the Bluewater Bridge.
2.-calumet-3-30-11-grw.jpg (88805 bytes)
Calumet downbound for the Black River under overcast skies and a building Low Pressure system.
3.-sam-laud-3-30-11-grw.jpg (64751 bytes)
Sam Laud, downbound at Port Huron.
4.-sam-laud-3-30-11-grw.jpg (79379 bytes)
Stern view
5.-rsp-3-30-11-grw.jpg (75918 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson, upbound in ballast, for Lake Huron Cut.
6.-rsp-3-30-11-grw.jpg (122326 bytes)
Passing under the Bluewater Bridge.

CSL Frontenac waiting for release from winter layup in Midland, Ontario
-  Jonathan J. Fike
1-Frontenac-4-1-11-jf.jpg (46764 bytes)        

St. Clair River traffic March 29
- Dawn & Andrew Severson
AMariner32911.jpg (61068 bytes)
American Mariner
PRT32911ans.jpg (51107 bytes)
  Paul R. Tregurtha
COlympic32911ans.jpg (135155 bytes)
Canadian Olympic
Algocanada32911ans.jpg (58807 bytes)
Algocanada at Shell.
Algonova32911ans.jpg (64038 bytes)
Algonova at Imperial Oil
VictorJohnJCar32911ans.jpg (62708 bytes)
 Victorious and John J Carrick at shell.

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor in Marquette Thursday
- Rod Burdick
1lat_3_31_11_rb.jpg (87332 bytes)
View from the lakeshore
2lat_3_31_11_rb.jpg (105043 bytes)
Bow view
3lat_3_31_11_rb.jpg (51363 bytes)
Departing with a load of ore

Victorious and John J. Carrick downbound in the Welland Canal -
Heather Maguire
1-Victorious-4-1-11-hm.jpg (78112 bytes) 2-Victorious-4-1-11-hm.jpg (69524 bytes) 3-Victorious-4-1-11-hm.jpg (53499 bytes) 4-Victorious-4-1-11-hm.jpg (70731 bytes)  

Chemtrans Ems approaching Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-chemtrans-01-04-11-rb.jpg (54960 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Great Lakes.
2-chemtrans-01-04-11-rb.jpg (59610 bytes)      

Robert S Pierson downbound approaching Little Rapids Cut, March 28 - Mike Nicholls
PIERSONROBERTSb06032811mn.jpg (54842 bytes)        

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