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April 4, 20

Sunday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-Algobay--04-03-11-a-bb.jpg (53224 bytes)
Algobay upbound at old bridge nine
2-Algobay-04-03-11-b-bb.jpg (56618 bytes) 3-Aragonborg-04-03-11-a-bb.jpg (56578 bytes)
Aragonborg with windmill parts clear of Lock 7
4-Aragonborg-04-03-11-b-bb.jpg (48561 bytes) 5-Canadian-Enterprise-04-03-11-a-bb.jpg (58141 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise at Allanburg
6-Canadian-Enterprise-04-03-11-b-bb.jpg (69433 bytes) 7-Thalassa-Desgagnes=04-03-11-bb.jpg (61590 bytes)
Freshly painted, Thalassa Desgagnes takes Lock 2 on the fly
8-Thalassa-Desgagnes-skipper-04-03-11-bb.jpg (67619 bytes)    

CSL Tadoussacís first load of the 2011 shipping season
- Ron Piskor
1-csltad-4-3-2011-rp.jpg.jpg (69445 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac passing St. Clair Michigan in her new livery.
2-csltad-4-3-2011-rp.jpg.jpg (84597 bytes)
Tadoussac encounters heavy snow at Marine City.
3-csltad-4-3-2011-rp.jpg.jpg (89839 bytes)
Downbound loaded with ore for the furnaces of Hamilton, Ontario .
4-csltad-4-3-2011-rp.jpg.jpg (63605 bytes)
Algonac State Park as snow continues to fall.
5-csltad-4-3-2011-rp.jpg.jpg (75613 bytes)
Tadoussac in the St. Clair Flats off Harsenís Island.
6-csltad-4-3-2011-rp.jpg.jpg (65595 bytes)
Entering the St. Clair Cutoff.

Hamilton and Bronte
- John McCreery
1-Tundra-4-3-11-jm.jpg (54546 bytes)
Tundra, over from Redpath in Toronto, awaiting a dock in Hamilton.
2-GCLeitch-4-3-11-jm.jpg (61408 bytes)
Gordon C Leitch at pier 26 shortly before departure to Thunder Bay.
3-SongaDiamond-4-3-11-jm.jpg (84482 bytes)
Songa Diamond at Bronte
4-SongaDiamond-4-3-11-jm.jpg (64164 bytes)
Another view

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-progress-02-04-11-rb.jpg (64808 bytes)
Harbour Progress departing Iroquois Lock
2-progress-02-04-11-rb.jpg (97022 bytes)
Stack markings and accommodations.
3-progress-02-04-11-rb.jpg (52380 bytes)
Harbour Progress flies the flag of Madeira.
4-fashion-03-04-11-rb.jpg (56224 bytes)
Sistership Harbour Fashion in the river below Iroquois Lock.
5-fashion-03-04-11-rb.jpg (75554 bytes)
Harbour Fashion slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
5-spirit-03-04-11-rb.jpg (37153 bytes)
Algoma Spirit up bound at Mariatown.

Hon. James L. Oberstar at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1jlo_4_2_11_rb.jpg (82113 bytes)
New name on bow and hatch crane
2jlo_4_2_11_rb.jpg (95424 bytes)
 Loading ore

Soo -
Nathan J. Gregorich
02.FreighterChase-Cort.4.1.11.NJG.jpg (135439 bytes)
 Stewart J. Cort entering the Soo Locks upbound
18.FreighterChase-LockMaster.4.1.11.NJG.jpg (34200 bytes)
Nice day to have the windows open in control tower
24.FreighterChase-Cort.4.1.11.NJG.jpg (54957 bytes)
Cort in lock.  Winter bridge still in place across Mac Lock
33.FreighterChase-Cort.4.1.11.NJG.jpg (100440 bytes)
Cort passing upbound under International Bridge as a Bushplane passes over it
61.FreighterChase-AmMariner.4.1.11.NJG.jpg (62159 bytes)
 American Mariner tied up at South pier.  Containment boom in water around bow. 
71.FreighterChase-PRT.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (35197 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha down at Mission Pt.
76.FreighterChase-PRT.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (48296 bytes) 80.FreighterChase-PRT.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (60262 bytes) 81.FreighterChase-KatmaiBay.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (58903 bytes)
Katmai Bay up at Mission Pt.
82.FreighterChase-KatmaiBay.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (43564 bytes)
Katmai Bay has her flags up
96.FreighterChase-Algonova.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (64830 bytes)
Algonova at West Pier, approaching the Soo Locks
112.FreighterChase-Algonova.4.2.11.NJG.jpg (83505 bytes)
Algonova under the International Bridge

St. Clair River -
Terry McCullough
Pineglen-down-at-Point-Edward.-March-31-2011-1.jpg (57921 bytes)
Pineglen down at Point Edward. New paint job March 31.
Kaministiqua-upbound-at-Sarnia.-First-trip.-Mar-31-2011-1.jpg (65534 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound at Sarnia. First trip, March 31.

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