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April 5, 20


Herbert C. Jackson turning for the Belle Isle Anchorage in the Detroit River Monday morning -
Robert Burgener
DSCF8351.jpg (49197 bytes) beeghly4-4-11-(1).jpg (57316 bytes) beeghly4-4-11-(3).jpg (55162 bytes)    

Herbert C Jackson inbound the Rouge River passing through the Fort Street Bridge en route to Severstal Steel - Mike Nicholls
JACKSONHERBERTCb03040411mn.jpg (60641 bytes) JACKSONHERBERTCs05040411mn.jpg (74359 bytes)      

Algobay unloading ore at CSX Torco ore dock Monday
- Steven Feher
toledo4-4-11-sf-(2).jpg (60188 bytes) toledo4-4-11-sf-(1).jpg (80710 bytes) toledo4-4-11-sf-(3).jpg (104339 bytes)    

Sunday on the St. Clair River - Joe Cioletti
atlantic-erie-139-(2).jpg (66675 bytes)
Atlantic Erie downbound at St. Clair
atlantic-erie-146-(2).jpg (48037 bytes)
Another view
atlantic-erie-156-(2).jpg (63182 bytes)
The Chemtrans EMS upbound at Marine City
atlantic-erie-163-(2).jpg (67312 bytes) atlantic-erie-167-(2).jpg (111883 bytes)
Phillip R. Clarke upbound at Marine city
atlantic-erie-168-(2).jpg (47376 bytes) atlantic-erie-179-(2).jpg (59101 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha turning in the river
atlantic-erie-184-(2).jpg (54768 bytes) atlantic-erie-186-(2).jpg (60602 bytes)  

Paul R. Tregurtha exits Lake Huron at sunrise Sunday -
Larry Mobbs
PRTregurtha-4-3-11-lm.jpg (40860 bytes)
  She was headed for the Detroit Edison plant in St. Clair with a load of coal from Superior, Wis.
PRTregurtha2-4-3-11-lm.jpg (36846 bytes)      

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