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April 7, 20

Lewis J. Kuber and tug Olive L. Moore depart winter lay-up - Dick Lund
1-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (62781 bytes)
Barge, Lewis J. Kuber on the morning (April 5) of its new "Maiden Voyage" for Lower Lakes
2-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (63574 bytes)
Tug, Olive L. Moore at its dock that same morning
3-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (49000 bytes)
Lower Lakes colors on the stack of the Olive L. Moore (no Lower Lakes logo)
4-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (90828 bytes)
Stern of the barge
5-EK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (46465 bytes)
Tug, Erika Kobasic, broke ice in the bay of Green Bay coming down from Escanaba, MI
6-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (83199 bytes)
Olive L. Moore behind fleetmate, James L. Kuber, is ready to go early in the evening
7-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (68856 bytes)
Olive L. Moore heads past the James L. Kuber
8-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (58795 bytes)
Olive L. Moore heads in toward the Lewis J. Kuber
9-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (65389 bytes)
Making its way into the notch of the barge
10-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (60754 bytes)
Locked in place
11-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (55672 bytes)
Elevated view of the duo about 45 minutes before their departure
12-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (29600 bytes)
Underway heading past the old carferry, Viking I
13-LJK-04-05-11-dl.jpg (47339 bytes)
Stern view after passing through the Ogden Street (Menekaunee) Bridge

Canadian Provider in the Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Canadian-Provider-04-06-11-mb.jpg (47520 bytes)
Crossover Island
2-Canadian-Provider-04-06-11-mb.jpg (59541 bytes)
Brockville, Ont.
3-Canadian-Provider-04-06-11-mb.jpg (41122 bytes) 4-Canadian-Provider-04-06-11-mb.jpg (59033 bytes) 5-Canadian-Provider-04-06-11-mb.jpg (59336 bytes)

Petrolia Desgagnes' funnel markings was partly painted out on Wednesday after having been sold - Rene Beauchamp
PetroliaDesgagnes4-6-11-rb.jpg (56549 bytes)
The yellow stripe was replaced by a blue one. Her Canadian registry was closed the same day. The new name is Don Felix and should be painted on in less than a week.

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