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April 8, 20

Toledo docks - Steven Feher
toledo4-7-11-sf-(2).jpg (45386 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes heading out
toledo4-7-11-sf-(3).jpg (76913 bytes)
Canadian Progress backing into Torco dock to unload ore
toledo4-7-11-sf-(4).jpg (67731 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes passing
toledo4-7-11-sf-(5).jpg (77483 bytes) toledo4-7-11-sf-(1).jpg (73596 bytes)
Pulling hatches

Philip R. Clarke at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
2prc_4_5_11_rb.jpg (89847 bytes)
Departing into the morning sun
1prc_4_5_11_rb.jpg (88349 bytes)
Backing from the ore dock

Tug Everlast and barge Norman McLeod upbound Thursday in the South shore canal of the St Lawrence Seaway west of Cote Ste Catherine lock -  Kent Malo
NormanMcLeodEverlast4-07-11-km.jpg (55228 bytes) Everlast4-07-11-km.jpg (63746 bytes) NormanMcLeodEverlast4-07-11-km-b.jpg (98196 bytes)    

Tug Victory lying alongside the new-build crane barge, BMI 192, in Escanaba Thursday -
Dick Lund
1-Vic-04-07-11-dl.jpg (66999 bytes)        

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder in Marquette Thursday
- Lee Rowe
pathfinder4-7-11lr-(1).jpg (47578 bytes) pathfinder4-7-11lr-(2).jpg (121364 bytes)      

Great Lakes Ferries -
Jim Lindholm
Ferry--Madeline.jpg (46526 bytes)
Madeline Island ferry
Ferry-Island-Express-9-9-10.jpg (79637 bytes)
Ferry Island Express  Sept. 9, 2010
Ferry--The-Welcome--at-St.jpg (84962 bytes)
Sheplers ferry The Welcome  Oct. 2009
Ferry-Joliet-9-9-10.jpg (64327 bytes)
Ferry Joliet Sept. 9, 2010

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