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April 10, 20

Saturday at the Welland - Bill Bird
1-Ojibway-04-09-11-a-bb.jpg (60879 bytes)
Ojibway in Port Weller harbour
2-Ojibway-04-09-11-b-bb.jpg (56866 bytes)
Bound for Quebec
3-LacManitobaCanadianEnterprise-04-09-11-bb.jpg (63340 bytes)
Tug Lac Manitoba on bow for Canadian Enterprise drydocking.
4-Seahound-04-09-11-bb.jpg (74448 bytes)
Tug Seahound on starboard quarter
5-JarrettM-04-09-11-bb.jpg (79087 bytes)
Tug Jarrett M on port side
6-CanadianEnterpriseDrydocking-04-09-11-bb.jpg (60487 bytes)
Another view with Algorail in drydock and CCGS Cape Roger on the wall 
7-Saguenay-04-09-11-a-bb.jpg (58048 bytes)
Saguenay entering Welland bypass
8-Saguenay-04-09-11-b-bb.jpg (71990 bytes) 9-Cuyahoga-04-09-11-a-bb.jpg (69061 bytes)
Cuyahoga clear of Lock 4
10-Cuyahoga-04-09-11-b-bb.jpg (52724 bytes)
On her way to Hamilton
11-Morro-Bay-04-09-11-a-bb.jpg (64496 bytes)
USCGC Morro Bay out of Lock 3
12-Morro-Bay-04-09-11-b-bb.jpg (55893 bytes)
Headed to home port of New London, Conn.

Hamilton Saturday April 9
- John McCreery
1-Tuscarora-4-9-11-jm.jpg (76070 bytes)
Tuscarora arriving from Oshawa
2-Tuscarora-4-9-11-jm.jpg (116872 bytes)
Under the bridges
3-Tuscarora-4-9-11-jm.jpg (73327 bytes)
4-Tuscarora-4-9-11-jm.jpg (65788 bytes)
Stern view, in port to load corn then to Sorel to top up
5-Cinnamon-Tuscarora-4-9-11-jm.jpg (51556 bytes)
Cinnamon and Tuscarora waiting in the anchorage
6-Cinnamon-4-9-11-jm.jpg (55161 bytes)
7-Cinnamon-4-9-11-jm.jpg (69875 bytes)
Another view
8-Tuscarora-Cinnamon-4-9-11-jm.jpg (41275 bytes)
Tuscarora and Cinnamon at dusk
9-Tundra-4-9-11-jm.jpg (89775 bytes)
 Tundra still loading at Richardson
10-MaritimeTrader-4-9-11-jm.jpg (59804 bytes)
Under arrest and for sale

Welland Canal Saturday -
John van der Doe
Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(3).jpg (53690 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(7).jpg (45784 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(9).jpg (77627 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(10).jpg (67307 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(13).jpg (61987 bytes)
Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(15).jpg (56336 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(17).jpg (60113 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(20).jpg (112982 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(21).jpg (94381 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(22).jpg (56996 bytes)
Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(38).jpg (54700 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(45).jpg (56235 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(50).jpg (76202 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(78).jpg (81949 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(80).jpg (76652 bytes)
Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(81).jpg (52075 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(83).jpg (72822 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(86).jpg (58534 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(94).jpg (72568 bytes) Welland-Canal-April-9-2011-(98).jpg (74266 bytes)

Mobile Bay coming into Houghton, Mich. Saturday morning -
  Heather Platzke
Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(2).jpg (112100 bytes)
Not a lot of ice left on the Portage Canal.
Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(3).jpg (69888 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(4).jpg (80689 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(10).jpg (93056 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(5).jpg (132991 bytes)
Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(6).jpg (90304 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(7).jpg (94108 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(8).jpg (71917 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(1).jpg (116672 bytes) Mobile-Bay4-9-11-hp-(9).jpg (61290 bytes)

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1keb_4_5_11_rb.jpg (63941 bytes)
Arriving with coal
2keb_4_5_11_rb.jpg (93243 bytes)
Unloading into the hopper

Philip R. Clarke passing Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron Saturday -
Dianne Donati
Phllip-R-Clarke--4-9-11-dd.jpg (91797 bytes)        

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