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April 11, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-rsp-4-9-11-a-md.jpg (37448 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson down bound above 1 & 2.
2-rsp-4-9-11-b-md.jpg (67299 bytes)
Still a little ice in the lake.
3-ober-4-10-11-md.jpg (63293 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar up bound at 1 & 2.
4-rog-4-10-11-md.jpg (55635 bytes)
 Roger Blough down bound above 1 & 2.
5-lat-4-10-11-md.jpg (49940 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha follows the Blough.
6-spru-4-10-11-md.jpg (40499 bytes)
Spruceglen making the turn at 1 & 2.
7-dis-4-10-11-a-md.jpg (51448 bytes)
Algoma Discovery checked down alongside the Sydney Smith dock in Sarnia.
8-dis-4-10-11-b-md.jpg (59229 bytes)
Backing into the government dock for minor repairs.
9-dis-4-10-11-c-md.jpg (51036 bytes)
Wide view.
10-dis-4-10-11-d-md.jpg (62431 bytes)
11-dis-4-10-11-e-md.jpg (68875 bytes)
Making the dock.
12-dis-4-10-11-f-md.jpg (62059 bytes)
The suns sinks fast.
13-dis-4-10-11-g-md.jpg (48719 bytes)
Alongside the dock.
14-dis-4-10-11-h-md.jpg (39307 bytes)
Night view.

Iroquois and Mariatown -
Murray Blancher
1-Richelieu-04-10-11-mb.jpg (70290 bytes)
Richelieu on the wall upbound at Iroquois
2-Richelieu-04-10-11-mb.jpg (51173 bytes)
Ricelieu exiting Iroquois
3-Morro-Bay-04-10-11-mb.jpg (109977 bytes)
Morro Bay in Iroquois lock downbound
4-Morro-Bay-04-10-11-mb.jpg (99203 bytes)
Morro Bay exiting Iroquois
5-Blacky-04-10-11-mb.jpg (80126 bytes)
Blacky on the wall upbound at Iroquois
6-Blacky-04-10-11-mb.jpg (65250 bytes) 7-Oakglen-04-10-11-mb.jpg (52597 bytes)
Oakglen down at Mariatown
8-Oakglen-04-10-11-mb.jpg (37698 bytes) 9-Assiniboine-04-10-11-mb.jpg (40635 bytes)
Assiniboine up at Mariatown
10-Assiniboine-04-10-11-mb.jpg (52322 bytes)

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-barbro-09-04-11-rb.jpg (65521 bytes)
Barbro passing Mariatown heading up to the Lakes.
2-barbro-09-04-11-rb.jpg (46497 bytes)
Barbro's cabins & stack.

3-black-10-04-11-rb.jpg (35420 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black working nav aids at Mariatown.
4-morro-10-04-11-rb.jpg (100569 bytes)
USCG Morro Bay heading home after clearing Iroquois Lock.
5-blacky-10-04-11-rb.jpg (82981 bytes)
Blacky has a load of sugar for Toronto.
She is sliding the wall into Iroquois Lock.

Brockville Friday -
Murray Blancher
2-Energy-13501-04-08-11-mb.jpg (30201 bytes)
Energy 13501 & Eagle Service approaching Brockville
3-Energy-13501&Eagle-Service-04-08-11-mb.jpg (42889 bytes) 4-Eagle-Service-04-08-11-mb.jpg (59920 bytes) 5-Energy-13501&Eagle-Service-04-08-11-mb.jpg (63092 bytes) 10-Houghton-04-08-11-mb.jpg (94137 bytes)
Kehoe marine tug Houghton at Brockville
11-Saguenay-04-08-11-mb.jpg (49617 bytes)
Saguenay up at Brockville
12-Saguenay-04-08-11-mb.jpg (48629 bytes) 13-Thalassa-Desgagnes-04-08-11-mb.jpg (52223 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes down at Brockville
14-Thalassa-Desgagnes-04-08-11-mb.jpg (55418 bytes) 15-Algobay-04-08-11-mb.jpg (51384 bytes)
 Algobay down at Brockville

Maritime Trader laid up at pier 8 in Hamilton -
Ted Wilush
1-MT-4-9-11-TW.jpg (97402 bytes)
2-MT-4-9-11-TW.jpg (108459 bytes)
3-MT-4-9-11-TW.jpg (66867 bytes) 4-MT-4-9-11-TW.jpg (72209 bytes)
Close up of name showing the outline of her former name and Paterson logo.
5-MT-4-9-11-TW.jpg (66637 bytes)
Outlined version of pervious, showing former name and logo.

J. W. Westcott II at Gregory Marine in Detroit -
Ron Piskor
1-jwwest-4-10-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (101059 bytes)
J.W. Westcott up on blocks being prepared for the 2011 shipping season.
2-jwwest-4-10-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (91844 bytes)
Broadside view
3-jwwest-4-10-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (171472 bytes)
Stern view
4-jwwest-4-10-2011-rjp.jpg.jpg (114390 bytes)
Westcott crew member Liz looks on as a welder works on the hull.

Tug Dorothy Ann and Barge Pathfinder at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1dapath_4_7_11_rb.jpg (84177 bytes)
Unloading the first stone cargo of the season

Marinette, Wis. -
Dick Lund
1-PM41-04-09-11-dl.jpg (51042 bytes)
The tug, Erika Kobasic, and the Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted, carrying a load of pig iron, at Marinette Fuel & Dock on Saturday night
2-PM41-04-09-11-dl.jpg (39106 bytes)
Close-up of the Pere Marquette 41

Historical Perspectives -
Joe Delaronde
SeawayQueen-fall-1996-jd.jpg (43068 bytes)
Seaway Queen up bound in sea smoke on a very cold day in late fall 1996
Oakglen-1991-jd.jpg (46907 bytes)
Oakglen down bound in 1991

Historical Perspectives -
J. W. Bissell
RCity.jpg (47314 bytes) WWHolloway.jpg (51008 bytes) JSYoung.jpg (42768 bytes) EGGrace.jpg (39103 bytes) GATomlinsn.jpg (48780 bytes)
EWOglebay.jpg (29678 bytes) McKellar.jpg (37368 bytes) Madson.jpg (46193 bytes) Con-Pwr.jpg (48259 bytes) RReiss.jpg (38143 bytes)
Cty-Mke.jpg (43187 bytes) Nicolet.jpg (69502 bytes)      

Video from the Detroit River April 10, 2011


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