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April 12, 20

Tuscarora departed Oshawa on Saturday with the aide of Ocean Tugs Jerry G and Laprairie - Lorraine Morrill
1-Laprairie-Oshawa-4-9-11-lm-.jpg (78703 bytes) 2Jerry-G-Oshawa-4-9-11-lm.jpg (79860 bytes) 3Jerry-G.jpg (83713 bytes) 4-Tuscarora-Oshawa-4-9-11-lm.jpg (85467 bytes)  

Hamilton, Ont. -
Eric Holmes
Tuscarora-04-11-11-eh.jpg (73284 bytes)
Tuscarora in the Hamilton anchorage.
MTrader-04-11-11-eh.jpg (78087 bytes)
Maritime Trader tied up at Pier 10 awaiting to be sold.

Indiana Harbor unloading at Zug Island and taking fuel
Sunday - Ken Borg
Indianaharbor4-10-11.jpg (83084 bytes)        

Federal Leda first saltie of the season to reach Duluth
federalleda4-11-11.jpg (69746 bytes)        

Sunday & Monday on the St. Clair River -
Dawn Roberts
1-rblgh-4-10-11-dr.jpg (45855 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound at St. Clair
2-mcld-4-10-11-dr.jpg (42726 bytes)
Roger Blough and Norman McLeod/Everlast meeting above Marine City
3-lkgd-4-10-11-dr.jpg (58987 bytes)
Lake Guardian at St. Clair
4-lat-4-10-11-dr.jpg (54772 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha passing old Peche Lighthouse, as seen from the Bluewater Ferry
5-sogem-4-10-11-dr.jpg (64236 bytes)
Songa Emerald at Marine City
6-spgl-4-10-11-dr.jpg (51015 bytes)
Spruceglen at Marine City
7-hh-4-10-11-dr.jpg (56324 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock along St. Clair River
8-aldis-4-10-11-dr.jpg (47808 bytes)
Algoma Discovery
9-alcan-4-10-11-dr.jpg (52473 bytes)
10-hf-4-10-11-dr.jpg (63673 bytes)
Harbour Fashion
11-rsp-4-10-11-dr.jpg (84553 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson ends the day
12-jrb-4-11-11-dr.jpg (45834 bytes)
James R. Barker just after the fog lifted
13-awd-4-11-11-dr.jpg (76206 bytes)
Algowood, as the sun breaks through
14-lat-4-11-11-dr.jpg (47038 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha headed to Duluth

Toronto Harbor from the CN Tower -
Chuck Wagner
1-TorHbr-4-9-11.jpg (84029 bytes) 2-TorHbr-4-9-11-cw.jpg (105633 bytes) 3-CdnRgr-4-9-11-cw.jpg (104938 bytes)
 Canadian Ranger
4-AlgOnt-4-9-11-cw.jpg (100886 bytes)
5-CdnMnr-4-9-11-cw.jpg (119118 bytes)
 Canadian Miner
6-AlCpe-4-9-11-cw.jpg (79808 bytes)
7-OntPlc-4-9-11-cw.jpg (117916 bytes)
 Ontario Place breakwater made from the hulls of the Douglas Houghton, Victorious, and Howard Shaw

Historical Perspective -
Elton Hoyt 2nd August 1969  - Roland Van Bulck
Elton-Hoyt1969-rv.jpg (23213 bytes)
My first time up the Great Lakes (M/V Patignies), took this picture to show people at home (Antwerp, Belgium) what a Laker looked like, they were strange looking vessels for me at the time.  I sailed 15 years on the lakes since 1984, first ship Canadian Ranger.

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