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April 15, 20

Belle Isle traffic Thursday - Andy Severson
MariaDans41411.jpg (38383 bytes) JLOans41411.jpg (29010 bytes) JLO2ans41411.jpg (56723 bytes) BBCJans41411.jpg (35085 bytes) BBCstackans41411.jpg (83387 bytes)
CSLTADans41411.jpg (35831 bytes)        

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_6889.jpg (73425 bytes)
Halifax in Montreal getting prepared for demolition overseas. Her name was painted out lately on the stern. Laid up in Montreal since Dec 27, 2009
IMG_6890.jpg (92170 bytes) IMG_6891.jpg (83233 bytes) IMG_6892.jpg (64821 bytes) IMG_6895.jpg (70784 bytes)
Algosteel and Sauniere laid up in Montreal.
IMG_6893.jpg (77885 bytes)
IMG_6888.jpg (69367 bytes)
At Sorel-Tracy, Atlantic Nyala, Kathryn Spirit laid up and for sale and loading grain in the background, the large Egyptian flag bulker Wadi Alkarnak.
IMG_6887.jpg (77059 bytes)
Atlantic Nyala had ten other names since built in 1990. In the Seaway under two of those names, Thorshope and Lykes Winner.

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-cape-14-04-11-rb.jpg (69495 bytes)
CCGS Cape Roger passing Mariatown after departing Port Weller for Newfoundland.
2-pacific-14-04-11-rb.jpg (43348 bytes)
Pacific Huron heading up the St. Lawrence.
3-pacific-14-04-11-rb.jpg (62299 bytes)
Cabin detail of Pacific Huron.
4-pacific-14-04-11-rb.jpg (49605 bytes)
Catching the rays of the setting sun.

Atlantic Erie unloading ore at CSX Torco ore dock -
Steven Feher
atlanticerie-41411-sf-(2).jpg (57609 bytes) atlanticerie-41411-sf-(1).jpg (56386 bytes)      

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island on Thursday
- Dianne Donati
Joseph-H-Thompson-4-14-11-dd.jpg (101200 bytes) Algocanada-4-14-11-dd.jpg (91243 bytes) Algocanada-passing-Samuel-de-Champlain-4-14-11-dd.jpg (112801 bytes) Samuel-De-Champlain-4-14-11-dd.jpg (89235 bytes)  

Mail boat J.W. Westcott II returns to service Thursday

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