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April 16, 20

St. Clair River Friday - Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Discovery-Sarnia-rl.jpg (50868 bytes)
Algoma Discovery tied up in Sarnia. Note the stack of the Michipicoten on the dock at the right.
American-Integrity-rl.jpg (45751 bytes)
American Integrity approaches the bridges.
Barker,-Kaye-El.-rl.jpg (57259 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound.
Eagle-Service-RL.jpg (43717 bytes)
Tug Eagle Service passes Marysville.
Mississagi-rl.jpg (63270 bytes)
Mississagi upbound.
Pathfinder-rl.jpg (51798 bytes)
Pathfinder passing Port Huron.
Wheatley,-Christoper-rl.jpg (82983 bytes)
Christopher Wheatley passes the docked tanker Maria Desgagnes.
Wheatley,-Christoper-1rl.jpg (67395 bytes)
Fireboat Christopher Wheatley docked Friday night in Port Huron.
Wheatley,-Christoper-2rl.jpg (67128 bytes)
Closeup of the pilothouse.

Chicago Fireboat Christopher Wheatley passing Detroit Friday
on her delivery trip - Bernard Gloster
Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat15-Apr-11-012.jpg (40599 bytes) Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat-15-Apr-11-015.jpg (52976 bytes) Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat15-Apr-11-011.jpg (41886 bytes) Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat15-Apr-11-016.jpg (38406 bytes) Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat-15-Apr-11-022.jpg (45306 bytes)
Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat15-Apr-11-026.jpg (56401 bytes) Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat-15-Apr-11-033.jpg (69529 bytes)      

Chicago Fireboat at Wheatley, Ontario -
Peter Luney
Chicago-Fire-Boat-at-Hike-April-13-2011-4.jpg (145952 bytes)
Christopher Wheatley having finishing touches made at Hike dock in Wheatley Ontario April 13.
Chicago-Fire-Boat-at-Hike-April-13-2011-5.jpg (179632 bytes) Chicago-Fire-Boat-at-Hike-April-13-2011-3.jpg (136413 bytes)    

Passing Marine City -
Bill Beutell
Christopher-Wheatley-fire-boat-4-15-11-mc.jpg (42531 bytes)        

Saginaw River
-Todd Shorkey
1-roman-4-15-11-ts-a.jpg (93738 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman unloading at the Essroc dock in Essexville
2-roman-4-15-11-ts-b.jpg (66903 bytes)
Another view
3-causley-4-15-11-ts-a.jpg (155223 bytes)
Causley Marine Contracting work tug and barge at Saginaw Bay Yacht Club
4-marie-4-15-11-ts-a.jpg (106558 bytes)
Tug Ann Marie at Essroc
5-kandrie-4-15-11-ts-a.jpg (80544 bytes)
Tug Karen Andrie and barge Endeavour unloading at the Bit-Mat dock in Bay City
6-kluedtke-4-15-11-ts-a.jpg (145001 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedtke across the river from Essroc with a mud scow

Kaye E. Barker Opening the Lower Harbor in Marquette on April 13 - Rod Burdick
1keb_4_13_11_rb.jpg (74564 bytes)
2keb_4_13_11_rb.jpg (58749 bytes)
Backing in to the Shiras Dock
3keb_4_13_11_rb.jpg (73733 bytes)
Stern view, unloading stone

Turkish vessel Eylul K. at Sorel-Tracy Friday -
René Beauchamp
Eylul-K.-300609-RBMTL.jpg (52643 bytes)        

Algobay turning in Goderich harbor Friday - Jacob Smith
Algobay-at-Goderich-April-15th-2011.jpg (104011 bytes)        

Cason J Callaway departing Marquette
- Lee Rowe
IMG_1705.jpg (96429 bytes) IMG_1710.jpg (52981 bytes)      

USCGC Hollyhock westbound on Lake Huron Friday
- Dianne Donati
USCGC-Hollyhock-4-15-11-dd.jpg (67696 bytes) USCGC-Hollyhock-1-4-15-11-dd.jpg (59616 bytes)      

Port Stanley April 10
- Monty Young
Eau-Clipper-PSt.jpg (117307 bytes)
Eau Clipper
James-D-PSt.jpg (129879 bytes)
James D
AmandaMay-PSt.jpg (112447 bytes)
Amanda May
Eau-Clipper-James-D-Amanda-May-PST.jpg (92452 bytes)
An overview

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