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April 17, 20

Hamilton Friday - John McCreery
1-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (58080 bytes)
Canadian Provider approaches the Burlington piers on a very windy day.
2-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (71960 bytes)
Reaching the piers with a following sea.
3-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (60510 bytes)
Closer view
4-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (66942 bytes)
Wide angle with waves smashing against the pier - no workers out there today.
5-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (63298 bytes)
A little calmer inside the piers.
6-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (57682 bytes)
Another view loaded with ore for Dofasco.
7-CanProvider-4-15-11-jm.jpg (78767 bytes)
Stern view entering the harbor
8-CanP-JarrettM-4-15-11-jm.jpg (90396 bytes)
Glad to get some assistance from the Jarrett M.
9-Ojibway-Andean-4-15-1-jm.jpg (111980 bytes)
Ojibway and salty Andean at Eastport.
10-Tuscarora-4-15-11-jm.jpg (93650 bytes)
Tuscarora still waiting in the anchorage.

Montreal -
René Beauchamp
IMG_6897.jpg (92786 bytes)
Boatman No.6 leaving her base in Montreal to bring personnel to a vessel anchored.
IMG_6899.jpg (59989 bytes)
BBC Orinoco anchored in Montreal on Friday. She departed later for the Lakes on her first trip there.
IMG_6901.jpg (53349 bytes)
 Lake Ontario, ex Federal Manitou passing Montreal on Saturday on her way to the Seaway/Great Lakes. Note new name already partly painted out.
IMG_6903.jpg (56697 bytes)
 Lake Ontario accommodation block.

Eylul K is on her first trip into the Great Lakes -
Ron Beaupre
1-eylulk-16-04-11-rb.jpg (63996 bytes)
Turkish built, completed in 2007. Also Turkish owned & flagged.
2-eylulk-16-04-11-rb.jpg (82345 bytes)      

Hamilton -
Gerry Ouderkirk
1-EvansMcKeil-15-04-11-go.jpg (67651 bytes)
 Evans McKeil on dry dock
2-EvansMcKeil-15-04-11-go.jpg (59539 bytes) 3-Jack-Up50-15-04-11-go.jpg (82988 bytes)
Jack-Up 50 ex-Translake No. 2
4-JarrettM-WyattMcKeil-15-04-11-go.jpg (77683 bytes)
Jarrett M. & Wyatt McKeil
5-KingFish1-BlackCarrier-15-04-11-go.jpg (76801 bytes)
King Fish 1 & barge Black Carrier
6-PetiteForte-15-04-11-go.jpg (83687 bytes)
Petite Forte on drydock
7-Salvager-15-04-11-go.jpg (59248 bytes)
8-SamMcBride-ThomasRennie-15-04-11-go.jpg (52629 bytes)
Sam McBride and Thomas Rennie
9-SamMcBride-15-04-11-go.jpg (51108 bytes)
Thomas Rennie stack removed for engine replacement

Cason J. Callaway at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1cjc_4_15_11_rb.jpg (105727 bytes)
Wide view, loading ore

St. Clair River Saturday
- Roger LeLievre
Algobay-4-16-11rl.jpg (50784 bytes)
Algobay downbound past the Great Lakes Maritime Center.
Algobay-Nerds-4-16-11rl.jpg (42663 bytes)
Hearty boatnerds brave the rain to watch the Algobay.
Barbro-4-16-11rl.jpg (51037 bytes)
Saltie Barbro.
CanOlympic-4-16-11rl.jpg (68619 bytes)
Canadian Olympic upbound. She will soon be renamed Algoma Olympic.
CanOlympic-4-16-11rl-stern.jpg (60265 bytes)
Stern view.
Spartan-tug-4-16-11rl.jpg (55954 bytes)
Tug Spartan in the notch of the barge Spartan II

Pilot change on the saltie Barbro

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