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April 19, 20

Hamilton Monday - John McCreery
1-LakeOntario-4-18-11-jm.jpg (89107 bytes)
Lake Ontario crossing Hamilton Harbor towards pier 14.
2-LakeOntario-4-18-11-jm.jpg (58354 bytes)
Meeting with tugs Laprairie and Omni Richelieu.
3-LakeOntario-4-18-11-jm.jpg (64528 bytes)
Laprairie on the port bow.
4-LakeOntario-4-18-11-jm.jpg (75921 bytes)
Lake Ontario the former Federal Manitou is nudged towards her pier 14 E berth.
5-LakeOntario-4-18-11-jm.jpg (75147 bytes)
Closer view
6-Tuscarora-Andean-4-18-11-jm.jpg (103281 bytes)
Tuscarora finally gets a turn at Richardson
7-Arizona-Andean-Tuscarora-4-18-11-jm.jpg (60339 bytes)
BBC Arizona, Andean and Tuscarora all at Eastport
8-DaraDesgagnes-4-18-11-jm.jpg (85378 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes at Bronte
9-DaraDesgagnes-4-18-11-jm.jpg (90058 bytes)
Another view

Sarnia Monday - George Lee
AlgomaDiscovery-04-18-11-gl.jpg (60940 bytes) AlgomaDiscoverystern-04-18-11-gl.jpg (57016 bytes) AlgomaDiscovery-04-18-11-gl-(2).jpg (59758 bytes) Pride-04-18-11-gl.jpg (81177 bytes) Pridestern-04-18-11-gl.jpg (103107 bytes)
Menasha-04-18-11-gl.jpg (76068 bytes) Menashastern-04-18-11-gl.jpg (104399 bytes)      

Twin Ports Weekend Activity -
Brad Krekelberg
twinports4-11-bk-(7).jpg (41146 bytes)
American Mariner departing Duluth Piers loaded with grain
twinports4-11-bk-(8).jpg (94858 bytes)
Mesabi Miner backing into Midwest Energy
twinports4-11-bk-(9).jpg (61096 bytes)
American Spirit at Murphy Fuel Dock
twinports4-11-bk-(10).jpg (63673 bytes)
Roger Blough off Superior Piers waiting her turn at BNSF ore dock
twinports4-11-bk-(1).jpg (63719 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort departing BNSF in on and off April flurries
twinports4-11-bk-(6).jpg (67296 bytes)
 Cort departing Superior Piers with Blough waiting
twinports4-11-bk-(2).jpg (55536 bytes)
Cort and Blough
twinports4-11-bk-(3).jpg (53913 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac waiting her turn at CN ore dock in Duluth
twinports4-11-bk-(4).jpg (110188 bytes)
 Philip R. Clarke discharging into the Cutler Stone hopper
twinports4-11-bk-(5).jpg (71151 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson at C. Reiss Coal Terminal

Robert S. Pierson opens Owen Sound
- Erich Zuschlag
rspos-04-18-11ez.jpg (60046 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading
rsposb-04-18-11ez.jpg (53096 bytes)
Stern view with the Chi Cheemaun in the inner harbour

Lee A. Tregurtha and Pathfinder arriving in Marquette together Monday -
Lee Rowe
leeatregurtha-4-18-11-lr.jpg (57726 bytes) leeatregurtha-pathfinder-4-18-11-lr.jpg (45577 bytes)      

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-soo-4-14-11-pb.jpg (57083 bytes)
Algosoo below Lock 2.  Notice the patch work along her hull from winter projects.
2-soo-4-14-11-pb.jpg (91990 bytes)
Close-up of one of the patches.
3-soo-4-14-11-pb.jpg (62330 bytes)
Almost at Lock 1.
4-ent-4-14-11-pb.jpg (59109 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise also below Lock 2.  She will not be sailing with this name for much longer.
5-ent-4-14-11-pb.jpg (65533 bytes)
The logo on her stack will change, too.
6-grif-4-14-11-pb.jpg (69696 bytes)
CCGS Griffon on her way through the canal for buoy work in Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence.  Last summer in refit her hull was given a new coat of Inerta paint to help her slip through ice more easily.  The inerta is the black paint visible above the waterline.  It extends right down to the keel.
7-grif-4-14-11-pb.jpg (67570 bytes)
The other end of the Griffon.  The Inerta is run well above the waterline aft as the ship needs to back into ice when doing close escort work and harbour breakouts.
8-grif-4-14-11-pb.jpg (118420 bytes)
This is the Griffon's work barge.  It is shallow draft and high speed and comes with lifting gear.  This allows it to work buoys and other projects in water too shallow for the Griffon to access.  This barge replaced a standard 26 foot CG work barge.  The old barges were excellent work platforms but had a top speed of about 6 knots.  This was unacceptable for locations where long steams were required.
9-sea2-4-14-11-pb.jpg (72527 bytes)
Sea Eagle II on one of her many transits of the canal.
10-sea2-4-14-11-pb.jpg (71964 bytes)
Sea Eagle II and St Marys Cement II approaching Lock 2.

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