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April 21, 20

South Chicago Wednesday - Lou Gerard
1-Wilfredsykes-4-20-11-lg.jpg (57546 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes waiting between 92nd and 95th St. for rail traffic to clear at NS 5 bridges.
2-Zuccolo-4-20-11-lg.jpg (91147 bytes)
Tug Zuccolo pulling the Sykes at 95th St.
3-Wilfredsykes-4-20-11-lg.jpg (85545 bytes)
A face at the engine room door.
4-Wilfredsykes-4-20-11-lg.jpg (67779 bytes)
Wheelhouse detail and crewman calling clearances.
4-Wilfredsykes-4-20-11-lgb.jpg (99928 bytes)
The Sykes going through NS 5 bridges.
5-Wilfredsykes-4-20-11-lg.jpg (80886 bytes)
Docking at KCBX.
7-Morgan-4-20-11-lg.jpg (86255 bytes)
Tug Morgan and barge passing KCBX and Sykes.
8-Canenterprise-4-20-11.jpg (58901 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise unloading at Morton Salt at 100th St later in the afternoon.
9-Canenterprise-4-20-11-lg.jpg (63686 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise and Sykes still loading at KCBX at 6 p.m.
10-Canenterprise-4-20-11-lg.jpg (67220 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise Detail.

Green Bay -
Scott Best
1-acanada-04-20-11-sb.jpg (70813 bytes)
Tug Indiana on the bow as the Algocanada heads into Green Bay.
2-acanada-04-20-11-sb.jpg (64707 bytes)
Tug Texas working hard on the stern turning the Algocanada around.
3-acanada-04-20-11-sb.jpg (56978 bytes)
Algocanada working into the dock, while the Mississagi departs the Fox River Dock.
4-acanada-04-20-11-sb.jpg (80010 bytes)
Close up working into the dock.
1-tugolive-04-20-11-sb.jpg (61950 bytes)
Tug Olive L Moore turns the LJ Kuber in the East River turning basin.
1-mississagi-04-20-11-sb.jpg (70449 bytes)
Mississagi waiting for the Algocanada to clear in the Fox River Dock slip.

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-orin-4-18-11-pb.jpg (58303 bytes)
BBC Orinoco, formerly Beluga Generation, above Lock 1 with a load of windmills and containers.
2-orin-4-18-11-pb.jpg (58268 bytes)
One method of securing windmill blades.
3-prog-4-18-11-pb.jpg (50863 bytes)
Canadian Progress clear of Lock 2.
4-spence-4-18-11-pb.jpg (62037 bytes)
John Spence pushes the Niagara Spirit through the snow, below Lock 2.  The Goundhog and Easter Bunny are still duking it out over what type of weather we will get.  Spring; gotta love it!
5-spence-4-18-11-pb.jpg (71068 bytes)
Fairly substantial raised wheelhouse on the Spence.

Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-brendan-20-04-11-rb.jpg (57671 bytes)
Brendan J Bouchard passing Mariatown.
2-brendan-20-04-11-rb.jpg (80156 bytes)
She is taking the tank barge B. NO. 215 to Sarnia.
3-brendan-20-04-11-rb.jpg (56025 bytes)
Brendan J Bouchard in the notch of the barge.
4-oregon-20-04-11-rb.jpg (64707 bytes)
BBC Oregon on her first voyage into the Lakes.
5-oregon-20-04-11-rb.jpg (57168 bytes)
BBC Oregon is heading for Duluth.
1-songa-20-04-11-rb.jpg (50748 bytes)
Songa Diamond meets Aragonborg at Mariatown.
2-songa-20-04-11-rb.jpg (59403 bytes)
Songa Diamond is heading for Oakville.

Detroit Traffic April 6 -
Mike Nicholls
CRESSWELLPETERb01040611mn.jpg (56489 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading at the St. Marys Cement Dock in the Rouge River.
HOEYPATRICIAb02040611mn.jpg (64226 bytes)
Tug Patricia Hoey downbound off Belanger Park, River Rouge.

Tug Ann Marie -
Ben & Chanda McClain
AnnMarie-4-20-11-BCM-01.jpg (121776 bytes) AnnMarie-4-20-11-BCM-02.jpg (103309 bytes) AnnMarie-4-20-11-BCM-03.jpg (84433 bytes) AnnMarie-4-20-11-BCM-04.jpg (113466 bytes)  

Sten Aurora anchored off Bronte -
Eric Holmes
Sten-Aurora-20-04-11-eh.jpg (59470 bytes)        

Ship to ship cargo transfer -
Russ Plumb
coal_transfer.jpg (171865 bytes)
As an alternative to shipping low-sulfur western coal down the Mississippi for trans-shipment to Europe, the coal was shipped by rail to Superior, Wisconsin and loaded on CSL self unloaders for shipment down the Seaway to Sep-Iles. Coal was unloaded from the J. W. McGiffin directly to the Tadoussac and into a CSL Panamax vessel for delivery to Spain. Original CSL photo taken in Summer, 1993.

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