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April 22, 20

Recent Detroit River - Mike Nicholls
TREGURTHALEEAb3042011mn.jpg (81183 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha inbound the Rouge River for Severstal, passing through the Fort Street Bridge.
TREGURTHALEEAs04042011mn.jpg (78356 bytes) BARBROb02041611mn.jpg (45210 bytes)
Barbro (Malta) downbound off Mistersky's.
BARBROs03041611mn.jpg (50544 bytes) SHELLEYJWb05041611mn.jpg (48548 bytes)
J W Shelley upbound off the RenCen.
SHELLEYJWs10041611mn.jpg (56424 bytes) BUDAIIb04040611mn.jpg (78175 bytes)
Buda II in the Rouge River.
BUDAIIs05040611mn.jpg (97247 bytes)    

Marinette and Menominee -  Dick Lund 
1-Amar-04-16-11-dl.jpg (42074 bytes)
Algomarine backs up the Menominee River on Saturday after a 30+ hour wait in the bay of Green Bay as a huge storm rocked the area
2-Amar-04-16-11-dl.jpg (56570 bytes)
Unloading salt at Marinette Fuel & Dock as snow starts to fall
3-Maine-04-21-11-dl.jpg (56029 bytes)
Maineborg heads into port on Thursday, Menominee's first saltie of the season
4-PM41-04-21-11-dl.jpg (80596 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 and Undaunted loading rock at KK Integrated Logistics, also on Thursday
5-Maine-04-21-11-dl.jpg (66903 bytes)
Maineborg passes the old carferry, Viking I, as it heads into the KK Integrated Logistics East Dock where they will load pulp
6-PM41-04-21-11-dl.jpg (82678 bytes)
A fully loaded Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted passes the Maineborg on its way out of Menominee
7-PM41-04-21-11-dl.jpg (49313 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41 and Undaunted head past Menominee North Pier Lighthouse on their way north up the bay of Green Bay where they will head through "Death's Door" on their way to Chicago

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-arag-4-19-11-pb.jpg (57977 bytes)
Aragonborg approaching Lock 1, downbound.
3-dara-4-19-11-pb.jpg (53311 bytes)
Dara Desgagnes, with fresh dayglo on her wheelhouse top, above Lock 1.  Algorail in the drydock in background.
4-dani-4-19-11-pb.jpg (68253 bytes)
Daniella below Lock 2.
4-fednak-4-19-11-pb.jpg (64268 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa above Lock 1.
5-fednak-4-19-11-pb.jpg (56571 bytes)
Approaching Lock 2.  In the background you can see the bridge above Lock 2 in the raised position to allow another ship to pass.
6-queb-4-19-11-pb.jpg (44094 bytes)
A loaded Quebecois clear of Lock 2.
7-maple-4-19-11-pb.jpg (51627 bytes)
Mapleglen above Lock 1.  She looks well used.
8-maple-4-19-11-pb.jpg (51036 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2.
9-mct-4-19-11-pb.jpg (61193 bytes)
MCT Altair after clearing Lock 1.
10-mct-4-19-11-pb.jpg (66029 bytes)
Creeping toward Lock 2.

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-oceangolf-21-04-11-rb.jpg (58589 bytes)
Ocean Golf passing Mariatown.
2-oceangolf-21-04-11-rb.jpg (40765 bytes)
She is on her way to Hamilton.

Hamilton / Bronte -
Eric Holmes
Daniella-21-04-11-eh.jpg (74948 bytes)
Daniella in the Hamilton Harbor anchorage.
1-Songadiamond-21-04-11-eh.jpg (64047 bytes)
Songa Diamond and tugs Omni Richileau (bow) and Jarrett M at Bronte
2-Songadiamond-21-04-11-eh.jpg (51247 bytes)
Songa Diamond almost docked at Bronte

Soo Locks -
The Paul R. Tregurtha and the Eylul K. transited the locks on a snowy afternoon - Jake Kopras
117.jpg (57003 bytes) 113.jpg (65773 bytes) 064.jpg (57730 bytes) 156.jpg (61373 bytes)  

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