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April 23, 20

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-guard-4-21-11-pb.jpg (81625 bytes)
Algoma Guardian at the Glendale bridge.
2-guard-4-21-11-pb.jpg (52216 bytes)
Below Lock 2.
3-bbcore-4-21-11-pb.jpg (78360 bytes)
BBC Oregon clear of Lock 7.
4-bbcore-4-21-11-pb.jpg (72035 bytes)
20 person lifeboat.
5-bbcore-4-21-11-pb.jpg (63257 bytes)
BBC Oregon above Lock 7.
6-ojib-4-21-11-pb.jpg (94593 bytes)
Ojibway at the Glendale bridge.
7-trill-4-21-11-pb.jpg (107698 bytes)
Trillium Railway's Noddaboat.  There is a short line rail service that runs from St Catharines to Port Colborne.  Above Lock 7 it passes close to the Canal.
8-trill-4-21-11-pb.jpg (92835 bytes)
Noddaboat waiting for someone to take it home.
9-vict-4-21-11-pb.jpg (52033 bytes)
Victorious & John J Carrick below Lock 2.
10-vict-4-21-11-pb.jpg (79625 bytes)
A better look at the Victorious.

Ostrander and Integrity followed by Algocanada in Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island Friday -
Dianne Donati
Integrity-4-22-11-dd.jpg (91103 bytes) Algocanada-4-22-11-dd.jpg (65241 bytes)      

Federal Patroller approaching Mariatown on her way to the Lakes -
Ron Beaupre
1-fedpatroller-22-04-11-rb.jpg (62657 bytes)        

Marquette -
Lee Rowe
IMG_1753.jpg (73647 bytes) IMG_1748.jpg (90790 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - George A. Stinson operating without her boom in 1983 - Marc Dease
Stinson1983-noboom.jpg (59249 bytes)
Unloading at National Steel in Detroit on April 22, 1983.
Stinson1983-noboomb.jpg (80693 bytes)
Close up.
1983-noboomc.jpg (68137 bytes)
Upbound at Point Edward on May 19, 1983.
1983-noboomd.jpg (63592 bytes)
Stern view.

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