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April 25, 20

Alpena, Mich. - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missig-4-24-11-BCM-01.jpg (68541 bytes)
Mississagi heading into Alpena
Missig-4-24-11-BCM-02.jpg (63218 bytes)
Passing the lighthouse
Missig-4-24-11-BCM-03.jpg (93966 bytes)
stern view on the breakwall
Missig-4-24-11-BCM-04.jpg (74933 bytes)
finished unloading salt
Missig-4-24-11-BCM-05.jpg (75694 bytes)
ready to depart

Menominee, Michigan on Easter Sunday -
Cory Price
1-JimmyL-4-24-11-cp.jpg (65928 bytes)
Tug Jimmy L. arrives from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
2-JimmyL-4-24-11-cp.jpg (90635 bytes)
Jimmy L. nears the transfer vessel William H. Donner.
3-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (97911 bytes)
Maineborg ready to leave K&K dock.
4-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (95558 bytes)
Maineborg passes the ferry Viking I.
5-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (90473 bytes)
Tug Jimmy L. follows the Maineborg down river.
6-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (185412 bytes)
Maineborg reaches the Ogden St. bridge.
7-MaineB-4-24-1-cp.jpg (66630 bytes)
Maineborg clear of the bridge passing the Donner.
8-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (68818 bytes)
Maineborg heads out of the channel.
9-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (62875 bytes)
Maineborg passing the lighthouse.
10-MaineB-4-24-11-cp.jpg (57500 bytes)
Maineborg reaches open water.

Brockville, Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Daniella-04-24-11-mb.jpg (60080 bytes)
Daniella downbound
2-Daniella-04-24-11-mb.jpg (68147 bytes) 3-Danniella-04-24-11-mb.jpg (78181 bytes) 4-Danniella-04-24-11-mb.jpg (60870 bytes) 5-CCG-Caribou-Isle-04-24-11-mb.jpg (62668 bytes)
CCG Caribou Isle upbound
6-Federal-Power-04-24-11-mb.jpg (57303 bytes)
Federal Power upbound
7-Federal-Power-04-24-11-mb.jpg (55222 bytes) 8-Energy-13501-04-24-11-mb.jpg (39012 bytes)
Energy 13501 & Eagle Service downbound
9-Eagle-Service-04-24-11-mb.jpg (60918 bytes) 10-Energy-13501&Eagle-Service-04-24-11-mb.jpg (40822 bytes)

Toledo Docks 
-  Steven Feher
toledo4-23-11-sf-(1).jpg (33163 bytes)
CSL Assinibone coming in
toledo4-23-11-sf-(2).jpg (69460 bytes)
Docking at #4 coal machine
toledo4-23-11-sf-(4).jpg (84314 bytes)
toledo4-23-11-sf-(5).jpg (43348 bytes)
American Valor and American Mariner in background
toledo4-23-11-sf-(3).jpg (39508 bytes)
H. Lee White leaving #4 coal machine loaded
toledo4-23-11-sf-(7).jpg (98797 bytes)
American Mariner coming in for repairs
toledo4-23-11-sf-(8).jpg (63176 bytes)
docked at C&O # 2  dock for repairs

Carolyn Hoey towing the Arthur M. Anderson stern first into the Rouge Short Cut Canal en route to  the Carmeuse Lime Dock - Mike Nicholls
ANDERSONARTHURMb06042411mn.jpg (60173 bytes) ANDERSONARTHURMb08042411mn.jpg (73199 bytes) HOEYCANDERSON01042411mn.jpg (58344 bytes)    

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-fraserborg-23-04-11-rb.jpg (49337 bytes)
Fraserborg passing Mariatown on her first trip into the Lakes.
2-fraserborg-23-04-11-rb.jpg (58444 bytes)
She is one month old, delivered by Ferus Smit Leer Gmbh, Leer, Germany on March 23, 2011.
1-energy-24-04-11-rb.jpg (54517 bytes)
Eagle Service with barge Energy 13501 passing Mariatown.

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1keb_4_21_11_rb.jpg (109349 bytes)
 Loading ore at sunrise

Roger Blough stops at Shell in Sarnia for refueling before continuing on to Duluth -
Larry Mobbs
RBlough-4-21-11-lm.jpg (70956 bytes)        

Gordon C. Leitch unloads iron ore at ArcelorMittal Dofasco late Friday evening -
Rodney Aitchison
1-GCLeitch-4-22-11-ra.jpg (49551 bytes)        

Fish tugs
- Corey Seeman
jpsiddal.jpg (108732 bytes)
My Boys - Leaving Port Dover, Ontario
myboysfishtug.jpg (93054 bytes)
J.P.Siddal - Docked in Port Burwell, Ontario

The Museum ship American Victory at Tampa, Florida with Holland America's Ryndam in the background - Scott McLellan
1-Amer-Vic--3-6-11-SM.jpg (115997 bytes)        

On board the cruise ship Rotterdam -
Bill Hoey
1-UBC-Baton-Rouge4-20-11wah.jpg (80759 bytes)
UBC Baton Rouge and other ships wait to load coal at Santa Marta Columbia.
2-silvercloud4-21-11wah.jpg (79963 bytes)
The five star cruise ship Silver Cloud at anchor off San Blas Panama
3-LosSantos4-22-11wah.jpg (69126 bytes)
Greeted at the Panama Canal by the Canadian built tug Los Santos, one of about twenty five tugs in the Panama Canal fleet
4-Cuauatemoc4-22-11wah.jpg (86585 bytes)
Meeting the Spanish training ship Cuauatemoc in Gatun Lake.
5-SednaDesgagnes4-22-11wah.jpg (109586 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes at the pier near the new International Bridge.
6-ZimCalifornia4-22-11wah.jpg (106691 bytes)
Zim California handling containers that have been or will be shipped to the Atlantic via railroad.

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