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April 28, 20

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
Onego-Houston4-24-11-rb.jpg (81173 bytes)
Onego Houston in Montreal on Easter Day.
Birchglen4-24-11-rb.jpg (59582 bytes)
Birchglen remaining laid up in Montreal
VMSStLambert4-24-11-rb.jpg (114098 bytes)
VM/S St-Lambert on the deck of VM/S Hercules.
Evasion-Plus4-24-11-rb.jpg (94854 bytes)
Evasion Plus and Latitude Amsterdam laid up at Lachine. Evasion Plus was originally named Welcome and was operating out of Thunder Bay.
Evasion-Plus-42411-rb.jpg (123823 bytes)
Evasion Plus at Lachine. It used to come for many years to Montreal for the fireworks. Probably laid up since 2008.
Latitude-Amsterdam-4-24-11-rb.jpg (82164 bytes)
Latitude Amsterdam at Lachine and laid up since 2009. It has overnight accommodations for 12 passengers.

Quebec Harbor -
Frederick Frechette
Eide-Trader-Horseshoe-Casino-QBC-April2011-003.jpg (66480 bytes)
Eide Trader will  piggy back the Horseshoe Casino for transit overseas.
Eide-Trader-April-2011-001.jpg (71875 bytes)
Expected to depart April 30
Eide-Trader-Horseshoe-Casino-QBC-April2011-001.jpg (84153 bytes)    

Burns Harbor, Ind. -
Tom Milton
1-Cort-4-26-11-tm.jpg (81451 bytes)
Stewart Cort at the wall.
2-Warner-4-26-11-tm.jpg (78474 bytes)
William Warner with the Cort
3-Tugs-4-26-11-tm.jpg (117120 bytes)
GLT Tugs Arizona and Virginia
4-Vir-Ariz-4-26-11-tm.jpg (129130 bytes)
GL Towing dock at Burns Harbor
5-Selvick--4-26-11-tm.jpg (84155 bytes)
Steven Selvick with tow
6-BBCArizona-4-26-11-tm.jpg (79634 bytes)
BBC Arizona unloading wind generator parts

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-australia-26-04-11-rb.jpg (51267 bytes)
Australiaborg passing Mariatown on a rainy day.
1-alouette-27-04-11-rb.jpg (60595 bytes)
Alouette Spirit pushed by Wilf Seymour passing Mariatown
2-wilf-27-04-11-rb.jpg (61595 bytes)
The tow passed Algocanada at Mariatown.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-roman-4-27-11-ts-a.jpg (72703 bytes)
Stephen B. Roman at Essroc on Wednesday
2-roman-4-27-11-ts-b.jpg (88183 bytes)
Another view

Toledo Docks Traffic
- Steven  Feher
CSL-Niagara-saginaw4-27-11.jpg (24986 bytes)
CSL Niagara and Saginaw coming in
CSL--Niagara4-27-11-sf11.jpg (29562 bytes)
CSL  Niagara turning into Torco to unload ore
Presque-Isle4-27-11-sf.jpg (81708 bytes)
Presque Isle just unloaded ore at Torco ore dock
Saginaw4-27-11-sf.jpg (53587 bytes)
Saginaw backing under #4 coal machine

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