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May 1, 20

Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
1-AlgosooTim-S-Dool-04-30-11-bb.jpg (60097 bytes)
Algosoo clear of Lock 2 with Tim S Dool on the passing entry.
2-TimSDool-04-30-11-a-bb.jpg (57166 bytes)
Dool closeup.
3-TimSDoolcrew-04-30-11-bb.jpg (72936 bytes)
Crew all smiles on a sunny day
4-TimSDool--4-30-11-b-bb.jpg (80992 bytes)
Gates closing-Dool on her way to Thunder Bay for grain
5-Algosoo-04-30-11-a-bb.jpg (66826 bytes)
Young boatnerd, accompanied by his dog, taking picture of Algosoo in Port Weller harbour.
6-Algosoo-04-30-11-b-bb.jpg (63200 bytes)
headed to Dofasco dock in Hamilton 

Menominee, Mich. & Marinette, Wis. - Dick Lund
1-Chmp-04-25-11-dl.jpg (101896 bytes)
Tug, Champion, with one of two barges waiting to load rock for a Chicago marina project on Monday morning.
2-Chmp-04-25-11-dl.jpg (103094 bytes)
Stern-view of the tug
3-Chmp-04-25-11-dl.jpg (38459 bytes)
Bow-view of the tug and empty barge
4-Chmp-04-25-11-dl.jpg (87794 bytes)
The other barge is filling up with 10 - 20 ton rocks
5-Chmp-04-25-11-dl.jpg (84822 bytes)
 Bow-view of the tug later in the afternoon
6-Mrn04-28-11-dl.jpg (51273 bytes)
Marneborg arrives at KK Integrated Logistics on a drizzly, dreary Thursday morning
7-Mrn04-28-11-dl.jpg (41876 bytes)
Broadside view heading up-river to the turning basin
8-Mrn04-28-11-dl.jpg (27813 bytes)
Turning around
9-Mrn04-28-11-dl.jpg (48909 bytes)
Coming around
10-Mrn04-28-11-dl.jpg (43575 bytes)
Turned around and heading back to the dock where they will load wood pulp
11-Mrn04-28-11-dl.jpg (52298 bytes)
At the dock just about ready to be tied up
12-PM-04-28-11-dl.jpg (59668 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41/Undaunted from dockside as they unload pig iron on Thursday morning at Marinette Fuel & Dock Co.
13-PM-04-28-11-dl.jpg (47177 bytes)
A view from in back of the tug, Undaunted, as the pair is nearly unloaded

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
THOMPSONJOSEPHHb17042911mn.jpg (56023 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson and Jr backed into the Rouge Short Cut Canal in route to the Carmeuse Dock, assisted by Gaelic tugs Patricia and Carolyn Hoey Friday.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHs02042911mn.jpg (63725 bytes) HOEYCAROLYNb18042911mn.jpg (84884 bytes) JACKSONHERBERTCb04010811mn.jpg (65447 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
JACKSONHERBERTCs07010811mn.jpg (88285 bytes)
KUBERLOUISJb03042811mn.jpg (47704 bytes)
Louis J Kuber and Olive L Moore unloading at the Ajax Dock in the Rouge River Thursday.
MOOREOLIVELs07042811mn.jpg (78373 bytes) MAPLEGLENb11042811mn.jpg (85986 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound off Fort Wayne.

Rochester, N.Y. -
John M.
1-Andrie-4-28-11-jm.jpg (121819 bytes)
Muskegon MI based Andrie Inc tug Ronald J. Dahlke
   (formerly Seneca Queen, built 1903) and modular
   Jack-up barge in Port of Rochester NY. Barge can
   be disassembled into 18 semi-trailer sized pieces
   for transport overland to non-navigable job sites.
2-Andrie-4-29-11-jm.jpg (50644 bytes)
Backwash Water Return Line section for new Monroe County, NY East side Water Supply Project has been stored onshore overwinter.
3-Andrie-4-29-11-jm.jpg (85161 bytes)
Barge mounted Manitowoc crane hooking up to help get the pipe into the water (barge was not jackedfor a light lift like this).
4-Andrie-4-29-11-jm.jpg (93563 bytes)
108 years old and still working Hard.
5-Andrie-4-29-11-jm.jpg (63479 bytes)
Small Gainesville GA based tug/workboat Madison Nicole helping out.
6-Andrie-4-29-11-jm.jpg (102039 bytes)
Pipe being moved and tied to far wall next to port building before being towed 11 miles east to project site, and sunk.
1-Kaho-4-28-11-jm.jpg (93168 bytes)
Fisheries Research vessel Kaho tied up at Port of Rochester terminal building.
2-Kaho-4-28-11-jm.jpg (108603 bytes)
Net handling gear
3-Kaho-4-28-11-jm.jpg (106767 bytes)
Trawling plane with transducer?
4-Kaho-4-28-11-jm.jpg (106151 bytes)
Kaho bow view
5-Kaho-4-28-11-jm.jpg (57525 bytes)        

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1lat_4_29_11_rb.jpg (113096 bytes)
View from Lakeshore Blvd.
2lat_4_29_11_rb.jpg (137092 bytes)
Stern view, gravity chutes down during another fast load

Marquette, Mich. -
 Lee Rowe
IMG_1768.jpg (76514 bytes) IMG_1770.jpg (77475 bytes)      

Grayfox down bound at the Algonac State Park on Saturday afternoon -
Don Detloff
gray-30apr11-djd.jpg (66112 bytes)        

Iroquois Lock and Prescott -
Ron Beaupre
1-harbour-30-04-11-rb.jpg (72307 bytes)
Harbour Cloud slides the wall into Iroquois Lock.
2-fairy-30-04-11-rb.jpg (83213 bytes)
Beluga Fairy loads grain at Prescott Elevators.
3-big551-30-04-11-rb.jpg (70880 bytes)
The barge BIG 551 was damaged in a grounding in the 1000 Islands last year. This unit was jacked up out of the water and slid ashore on rails to repair the bottom.
1-fairy-29-04-11-rb.jpg (66548 bytes)
 Beluga Fairy stopped at Prescott Elevators after passing up through Iroquois Lock.
2-fairy-29-04-11-rb.jpg (101948 bytes)
Beluga Fairy cabin detail.
3-fairy-29-04-11-rb.jpg (53378 bytes)
Beluga Fairy slides the wall.

Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-Hollyhock-4-30-11-BW.jpg (114263 bytes)
Hollyhock sitting at the Visiting Ship's Dock on the Buffalo River at the Erie Basin.
2-Hollyhock-4-30-11-BW.jpg (111670 bytes)
Crane and buoy deck.
3-Hollyhock-4-30-11-BW.jpg (128997 bytes)
Buoys on deck. The Summer markers have radar reflectors, a bell, and a flashing light while the Winter markers are just basically a steel tube. The concrete slabs used to anchor them can also be seen on deck.
4--Hollyhock-4-30-11-BW.jpg (89775 bytes)
Bow on view of the Hollyhock.
6-H.L.White-4-23-11-BW.jpg (67495 bytes)
H. Lee White starting out from the Gateway Metroport Main Dock around 12 Noon on the 23rd. She was having some trouble with the wind and had a bit of a hard time departing the confines of the Lackawanna Ship Canal.
7-H.Lee-White-4-23-11-BW.jpg (51999 bytes)
White now headed out near Stony Point and just about to pass the Buffalo South End, South Side Light on her way to the Lake via the Outer Harbor.

Ronald J. Dahlke working in Rochester, N.Y. harbor
- John M.
Ronald_J_Dahlke-4-29-2011.jpg (82558 bytes)

Lake Huron passing Bois Blanc Island
- Dianne Donati
USCGC-Mackinaw-4-30-11-dd.jpg (71210 bytes)
 USCGC Mackinaw back at her home mooring in Cheboygan Saturday.
American-Mariner-4-29-11-dd.jpg (96270 bytes)
 American Mariner Friday
BBC-Arizona-4-30-11-dd.jpg (59543 bytes)
 BBC Arizona
McKee-and-Sons-Invincible-4-29-11-dd.jpg (115540 bytes)
 Invincible and McKee & Sons

Photos from Corinto Nicaragua -
Bill Hoey
11-SheilaAnn4-26-11wah.jpg (52257 bytes)
CSL Nassau registered self unloader Sheila Ann
12-ClipperMoon4-26-11wah.jpg (76465 bytes)
Tanker Clipper Moon
13-Amazonas1-26-11wah.jpg (69913 bytes)
Harbor tug Amazonas 1

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