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May 2, 20

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0427.jpg (56376 bytes)
After leaving Indiana Harbor American Mariner comes into Calumet Harbor passing South Breakwall Light.
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0453.jpg (56587 bytes)
Pilot House detail.
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0462.jpg (90748 bytes)
 Bow on view while she waits between 92nd and 95th bridges for NS rail traffic to clear.
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0468.jpg (89517 bytes)
Even though NS bridge was still down she goes through 95th.
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0471.jpg (106252 bytes)
Passing through NS 5 bridges enroute to KCBX
Zeus-5-1-11-lgDSC-0473.jpg (180392 bytes)
Tug Zeus of Dann Marine Towing of Chesapeake City, MD at 100th St.
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0489.jpg (43699 bytes)
Crewmembers prepare for docking.
Amermariner-5-1-11-lgDSC-0498.jpg (71776 bytes)
Docking at KCBX.

Eide Trader loaded Horseshoe Casino in Quebec Saturday -
Frederick Frechette
Eide-Trader-QBC-Harbor-30-04-11.jpg (55595 bytes)
Eider Trader loaded Horseshoe Casino about 5 a.m.
Horseshoe-casino-QBCHarbor-30-04-11.jpg (58032 bytes) Horseshoe-Casino-QBC-Harbor-30-04-11.jpg (53604 bytes) Eider-Trader-Qbc-Harbor-29-04-11.jpg (51552 bytes) Eide-Trader-Horseshoe-casino-QBC-Harbor-29-04-11.jpg (58599 bytes)

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
2-bno215-01-05-11-rb.jpg (51593 bytes)
Brendan Bouchard coming down the Seaway from Sarnia.
1-brendan-01-05-11-rb.jpg (59189 bytes)
The Brendan J Bouchard was built by Moss Point Marine in Escatawpa, Mississippi in 1999.
3-bouchard-01-05-11-rb.jpg (52292 bytes)
 The barge B NO. 215 is loaded with product for Paulsboro N.J.
4-topaz-01-05-11-rb.jpg (50152 bytes)
Songa Topaz sails past Mariatown.
5-andean-01-05-11-rb.jpg (58083 bytes)
Andean heads down the Seaway to load cargo at Belledune.
6-rapallo-01-05-11-rb.jpg (66893 bytes)
Rapallo departs Iroquois Lock on her way to Zelzate, Belgium.

Hamilton Saturday
- John McCreery
1-Rapallo-4-30-11-jm.jpg (68522 bytes)
Rapallo departing Hamilton
2-Rapallo-4-30-11-jm.jpg (98527 bytes)
Stern view under the bridges
3-Stefania-I-4-30-11-jm.jpg (147922 bytes)
Stefania I at the Richardson elevator
4-StefaniaI-4-30-11-jm.jpg (90227 bytes)
Stern closeup
5-NordicStockholm-4-30-11-jm.jpg (74600 bytes)
Nordic Stockholm
6-NordicStockholm-4-30-11-jm.jpg (89101 bytes)
Another view
7-FederalMaas-4-30-11-jm.jpg (56296 bytes)
Federal Maas unloading at pier 14
8-FederalMaas-4-30-11-jm.jpg (111234 bytes)
Another view
9-AlgomaGuardian-4-30-11-jm.jpg (73038 bytes)
Departure of the Algoma Guardian
10-AlgomaGuardian-4-30-11-jm.jpg (85973 bytes)
Stern view

Toledo Saturday
-  Steven Feher
Atlantic-Huron-4-30-11-sf3.jpg (54343 bytes)
Atlantic Huron  unloading ore at Torco 
Atlantic-Huron-4-30-11-sf.jpg (82132 bytes)
Stern view,  Stacker in background
Torco-Stacker-5-4-30-11-sf.jpg (51620 bytes)
Torco Stacker  Stacking ore from the Huron
Herbert-C-Jackson4-30-11-sf-7.jpg (63500 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson backing in under #4 coal machine
Herbert-C-Jackson4-30-11-sf9.jpg (82051 bytes)
Herbert-C-Jackson4-30-11-sf11.jpg (57476 bytes) Herbert-C-Jackson4-30-11-sf12.jpg (107296 bytes) Catherine-Desgagnes4-30-11-13.jpg (79954 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes  back on #4 wall
Catherine-Desgagnes4-30-11.jpg (72992 bytes)
pumped out and will load after the Jackson 

Samuel de Champlain and barge Innovation arrived at the LaFarge dock in St. Joseph, Mich. Saturday -
David Glasgow
1-SDCInnovation-4-30-11-dg.jpg (69080 bytes)
Tug Samuel de Champlain and barge Innovation unloading at the LaFarge terminal
2-SDCInnovation-4-30-11-dg.jpg (89270 bytes)
Innovation bow profile
3-SDCInnovation-4-30-11-dg.jpg.jpg (114629 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain
4-SDCInnovation-4-30-11-dg.jpg.jpg (71335 bytes)
CSX railroad swing bridge and south pier, with the mouth of the St. Joseph River and Lake Michigan visible in the background

Algoma Mariner under construction in China
Algoma-Mariner-building1.jpg (96298 bytes) Algoma-Mariner-nameboard.jpg (50943 bytes)
Name board
Algoma-Mariner-building3.jpg (95116 bytes) Algoma-Mariner-building2.jpg (88911 bytes)
Pilot house
Algoma-Mariner-Pilothouse.jpg (85116 bytes)
Algoma-Mariner-Liferings.jpg (91907 bytes)        

Sunday on the Welland Canal -
Heather Maguire
1-Spruceglen-5-1-11-hm.jpg (45229 bytes)
Spruceglen, downbound from Lock 3.
2-Griffon-5-1-11-hm.jpg (52012 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Griffon, upbound Lock 3
3-Algocanada-5-1-11-hm.jpg (54401 bytes)
Algocanada, upbound departing Lock 2
4-Algocanada-5-1-11-hm.jpg (63189 bytes) 5-SeaEagleII-5-1-11-hm.jpg (54848 bytes)
Sea Eagle II, upbound heading into Lock 2
6-SeaEagleII-5-1-11-hm.jpg (63522 bytes) 7-Police-5-1-11-hm.jpg (61527 bytes)
Police boat, which shared the trip up Lock 3 with CCG Griffon.

St. Lambert Lock
- Michel St-Denis
01-Thalassa-Desgagnes110430MSD.jpg (58537 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes downbound
02-Thalassa-Desgagnes110430MSD.jpg (61970 bytes) 03-Victoriaborg110430MSD.jpg (53964 bytes)
Victoriaborg, upbound
04-CND-Enterprise110430MSD.jpg (72218 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise downbound
05-CND-Enterprise110430MSD.jpg (73685 bytes)
06-CND-Enterprise110430MSD.jpg (62757 bytes)
Everlast and barge Norman McLeod, upbound
07-Everlast110430MSD.jpg (64445 bytes) 08-Quebecois110430MSD.jpg (51909 bytes)
Quebecois, downbound
09-Quebecois110430MSD.jpg (55185 bytes) 10-Quebecois110430MSD.jpg (62935 bytes)
11-Songa-Topaz110430MSD.jpg (63447 bytes)
SongaTopaz, upbound
12-Lake-Ontario110430MSD.jpg (66305 bytes)
Lake Ontario (ex Federal Manitou), downbound
13-Lake-Ontario110430MSD.jpg (61328 bytes)    

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