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May 4, 20

Ludington, Mich. - Shawn Keith
1-Zeus-02May11-spk.jpg (106940 bytes)
Ocean tug Zeus in the narrow channel near Washington Ave bridge in Ludington while her barge is handled at Dow.
2-Manistee-02May11-spk.jpg (77223 bytes)
Manistee at the stone dock near the carferry docks.
3-Manistee-02May11-spk.jpg (63984 bytes)
Manistee on the left, Spartan (in layup since 1979) in the middle, Badger (sailing soon) on the right.
4-Manistee-02May11-spk.jpg (82076 bytes)
5-GLF-02May11-spk.jpg (43639 bytes)
GLF self-unloader passing northbound off Ludington about sunset. Which one?

Cheboygan, Mich. -
Jon Paul Michaels
1.-pml9000-05-02-11-a.jpg (46192 bytes)
Avenger IV and PML9000 arriving in the Cheboygan River with a load of gravel.
2.-pml9000-05-02-11-jpm-b.jpg (37875 bytes)
Digging right into the unloading process.
3.-avengerIV-05-02-11-jpm-c.jpg (43877 bytes)
Avenger IV
4.-avengerIV--05-03-11-jpm.d.jpg (97087 bytes) 5.-pml9000-05-03-11-jpm-.d.jpg.jpg (104580 bytes)

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-emilie-03-05-2011-rb.jpg (75832 bytes)
Emilie slides the wall.
2-emilie-03-05-2011-rb.jpg (74735 bytes)
She is a new ship on her first trip into the Lakes.

Cheboygan, Mich.
- Dianne Donati
Arthur-M-Anderson-5-3-11dd.jpg (138016 bytes) CSL-Laurentien-5-2-11-dd.jpg (84163 bytes)      

Toledo  Docks
-  Steven  Feher
canadianprogress5-3-11-sf.jpg (91188 bytes)
Canadian  Progress  unloading stone  at #3 stone dock.
kayeebarker5-3-11-sf.jpg (64579 bytes)
 Kaye E. Barker unloading ore at Torco ore dock.
Coast-Guard-5-2-11-sf.jpg (55731 bytes)
USCG Bristol Bay and barge working Aids to Navigation
ALGOSOO5-2-11.jpg (74622 bytes)
Algosoo loading At #4 coal machine

Algorail unloads salt on the Maumee River -
Luke Archer
1-Algorail-5-3-11-la.jpg (41116 bytes)        

- John McCreery
1-SongaEmerald-4-30-11-jm.jpg (48832 bytes)
Songa Emerald at Bronte
2-SongaEmerald-4-30-11-jm.jpg (66132 bytes)
Stern view

Edward L. Ryerson Patio at The Great Lakes Maritime Center in Port Huron
GLMC-Outside-Photos-2011-001.jpg (66122 bytes) GLMC-Outside-Photos-2011-004.jpg (70393 bytes) GLMC-Outside-Photos-2011-005.jpg (88783 bytes)    

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