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May 5, 20

South Chicago Wednesday - Lou Gerard
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgCSC-0607.jpg (84525 bytes)
After leaving US Steel at Gary CSL Laurentien enters Calumet Harbor at 10 a.m.
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgCSC-0516.jpg (42130 bytes)
She turns in the harbor with assistance of G tug Colorado.
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgDSC-0527.jpg (83313 bytes)
Colorado and CSL Laurentien coming under J bridge.
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgDSC-0537.jpg (75216 bytes)
Colorado pulling hard through 92nd st. bend.
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgDSC-0555.jpg (71984 bytes)
Going through NS 5 bridges and mingling with pleasure craft at Crowley's marina.
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgCSC-0594.jpg (136456 bytes)
Approaching 100th st. after coming through 5 bridges.
Csllaurentien-5-4-11-lgCSC-0589.jpg (64564 bytes)
Preparing to dock at KCBX.

Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Richeleiu-05-04-11-mb.jpg (77024 bytes)
Richelieu down at Iroquois
2-Richelieu-05-04-11-mb.jpg (85627 bytes) 3-Esta-Desgagnes-05-04-11-mb.jpg (79786 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes down at Iroquois
4-Esta-Desgagnes-05-04-11-mb.jpg (73290 bytes) 5-Esta-Desgagnes-Provider-05-04-11-mb.jpg (53809 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes & Canadian Provider meet below Iroquois
6-Canadian-Provider-05-04-11-mb.jpg (51641 bytes)
Canadian Provider up at Iroquois
7-Soley-2-05-04-11-mb.jpg (86653 bytes)
Soley-2 up at Iroquois
8-Soley-2-05-04-11-mb.jpg (77400 bytes) 9-Rebecca-Lynn-&-A397-05-04-11-mb.jpg (70939 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn & A397 up at Iroquois
10-Rebecca-Lynn-05-04-11-mb.jpg (108154 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn in the lock at Iroquois

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-soley2-04-05-11-rb.jpg (89962 bytes)
Soley-2 slides the wall into Iroquois Lock
2-soley2-04-05-11-rb.jpg (77754 bytes)
She is Turkish built and this is her first trip into the Lakes.

Algoway in Muskegon Sunday - Greg Barber
1-Algoway-5-1-11-GB.jpg (76288 bytes)
Algoway heading for the dock
2-Algoway-5-1-11-GB.jpg (70981 bytes)
Lining up
 3-Algoway-5-1-11-GB.jpg (68168 bytes)
Crew bringing lines to shore

American Courage came out of the Bay Shipbuilding dry dock Wednesday with a fresh paint job - Wendell Wilke
Americancourage5-4-11-ww.jpg (62811 bytes)        

Herbert C. Jackson Unloading Stone at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1hcj_5_3_11_rb.jpg (74698 bytes)
Property development in the foreground

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